12 Cool Information Graphic Posters: The Geek Edition
  by:  |  Feb 17, 2011

“The geek shall inherit the earth.” – Old Klingon Saying

To be honest, we really don’t know who first came up with that line. Our Google-Fu had failed us. In any case, it seems that with technology an indispensable part of our lives, Geekdom has finally become part of the mainstream. If not, the more socially-inept yet technically adept among us are more able than ever before to put ourselves at the forefront of mainstream culture. And what’s more geeky-mainstream than Information Graphic Posters?

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Information graphics, now more popularly called “infographics” have been around for as long as people wanted something a little snazzier than pie-charts to present their data visually. Geeks are a lot more often than not, the ones responsible for collecting data, and unsurprisingly, the ones saddled with having to actually explain all of it. Information graphic posters have long been a staple of business presentations, but with information more accessible and graphic design software now more powerful and more readily available than ever before, quirky and whimsical online infographics are now an internet staple.

Old school posters and online versions do have major differences. Posters intended for real world applications have to be seen from far away, whereas information graphics on-screen can get away with stuffing large amounts of small text. Not all online information graphics would actually translate well in poster form, but a surprising number of them do.

Here are a few we picked out for your data presentation inspiration, each poster specifically chosen to brighten up the days of the very kind of people who do things with a passion. This post is for all you geeks out there! Cheers!

12 Information Graphic Posters to Bring Out The Nerd In You

Information Graphic Posters - Gremlins
Information Graphic Posters - Comic-Con
Information Graphic Posters - Trilogy Meter
Information Graphic Posters - Samuel Jackson
Information Graphic Posters - X-men
Information Graphic Posters - Doctor Who
Information Graphic Posters - How Dangerous is a Zombie?
Information Graphic Posters - Weaknesses
Information Graphic Posters - monsters
Information Graphic Posters - Star Trek
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