Featured Business Review: Clean It Up, Mark! – Cleaning Is His Business, and Business is Good!
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Waste is inevitable- especially in construction. Construction sites, now and in the foreseeable future, will continue to create huge messes wherever they exist. Cleaning up those messes is inevitable too. As clean-up jobs get bigger, they tend to become more complicated and more expensive.

A headache, true, but contractors and remodelers in Oregon, particularly in Salem and Portland, don’t break a sweat thinking about it. They just say the magic words: Clean it up Mark!

For 20 years, Clean it up Mark! has been making job site debris removal and recycling in Oregon a snap. “I started in 1990 just trying to get some extra vacation money,” says Mark McGregor, “El Presidente” and founder of Clean it Up Mark!. “The business grew over 2 years to the point I could quit my day job and recycle trash full time.” The American Dream…we think.

Mark McGregor
Clean It Up, Mark El Presidente, Mark McGregor in signature tux

Mark is quite succinct about his company’s purpose “Our mission is clean job sites. My gut turns over if I see we missed a job. We want to be known as the greenest construction recycling company in the nation.”

With Mark dressed up in his signature tux (the company logo features a tuxedo), they’d probably be the best dressed to boot.

Even with its stand-out records and reputation for reliability and good pricing, Clean it Up Mark! wouldn’t be much if it didn’t go out of its way to develop long-lasting relationships with its customers. Mark explains, “Our success is due to our loyal contractors.”

As an example, he goesto explain, “Our customer numbers 1 & 2 went off on their own after a few years. They have recently come back to construction. And we are working together again. It is fantastic to be able to look back on how they gave me an opportunity to get going. Many of our contractors go back 15-20 years with us!”

Clean it up Mark! truck
One of Clean it up Mark’s in action

Developing customer relationships is a big part of Clean it Up Mark!’s business strategy. To do this, their marketing has to be spot-on, and for that to happen, you need to get a lot of stuff printed.

The company relies on UPrinting’s expertise to get things done, without fuss. Mark explains, “With the new reality in business I am now the marketing department. I previously had some folks do this marketing for me with only a little direction. Now I have to figure it out myself. UPrinting has been fantastic.”

He explains,“The templates are easy…. Some graphic companies won’t let you download MS Publisher. And I don’t want to buy a $600 program to do it. My MS Publisher works great for what I do. And integrates seamlessly with UPrinting.”

UPrinting, has become sort of like Clean it Up Mark’s whole marketing department. “The banner I did was used at a trade show. At that show I picked up 2 accounts. One of which has developed into a good portion of our sales this year.” says the tuxedo-clad entrepreneur.

He also appreciates the ease by which designs can easily be facilitated online “ The business card was easy enough that I have printed a couple versions. To tailor the card to the opportunity. And it’s cost effective to make changes.”

Alright, we now know Clean it Up Mark!’s services are good for the environment, and great for keeping your books in the black. But the big question is: will they pick up trash from my house? The company rep answers phlegmatically,“We leave household trash to your local garbage hauler. They are set up for those items.”


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