Featured Business Review: ChillVertigo Design – Fast and Reliable Graphic and Web Designs
  by:  |  Jul 9, 2010

Chill Vertigo Design Paula Rodo was working full-time as an art director for a Los Angeles gaming company when she casually took on a freelance project that eventually paved the way for what is now ChillVertigo Design, a design company based in Topanga, California.

“Sometimes”, says Ms. Rodo of having her own company, “I still find it hard to believe that it is real.” as she initially didn’t quite realize the potential this design studio would have.

Of course, the fact that 95% of the studio’s clients have come from referrals means that customers are quick to see what the ChillVertigo team is capable of. According to Ms. Rodo, these are: “ fast response, up to date development, optimum graphics and 100% reliability.”

ChillVertigo consists of a collective of brains deploying their creativity and ingenuity through their local computers. ChillVertigo’s offices exist online only, with representatives in Costa Rica, Ukraine and even Los Angeles. This meeting of creative minds go through a brainstorming process where, as Paula Rodo says “whirls of creativity, research, media, innovation, design patterns, and color palettes rise up creating a ‘vertigo’ sensation where some of the best ideas can be extracted.“ To calm this virtual flurry of insights and come up with an outstanding result requires one to be chill, hence the name ChillVertigo.
Chill Vertigo STudio
Controlling the “vertigo” also means that Paula Rodo and her companions ensure customer satisfaction by producing designs that truly suit the clients’ ideas and objectives. The company has an international clientele coming from England, China, the United States, Switzerland, Nigeria and Costa Rica. Fortunately, having representatives in different countries allows ChillVertigo Design to be more in synch with potential customers and to understand various design requirements.

To make sure that ChillVertigo’s print collaterals also meet high standards, Paula Rodo has used UPrinting’s services for brochures and business cards saying “A good design is nothing if it’s not printed right. UPrinting helps me bring excellence to every design they print.”