Brochure Marketing – The Call to Action!
  by:  |  Feb 18, 2009

If you’re thinking about creating and printing a brochure for your business, your first question should be why? Basically, what do you want your customers or potential customers to do after they read your brochure? Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to visit your website

For any of those things to happen, you have to put it in the brochure. You have to give the reader an action item! So, how you do you do that?

Call to Action Brochure Marketing Tips

Include a Coupon or Special Promotion

This tactic puts value on the brochure. But, more importantly, it encourages the customer to take the brochure with them and to do something with it, namely buy something from you. This tactic is probably the most effective method for getting a response back.

Request a Response

Maybe you want them to fill out and return a questionnaire, send in a contest entry or visit your website. To make that happen, you’ll have to include it in your brochure and spell it out clearly. For tracking website visits, a lot of companies use promo codes or tracking codes to test the effectiveness of a Brochure Printing or other printed promotional items in terms of how well they drive web traffic.

Give Them a Reason to Call

Don’t just finish off your brochure with an old line like “for more information, please call us at…” It’s overdone and it doesn’t really mean anything. Instead, try something like “To book an appointment, call …” or “Book a free trial by calling…” or “Order a widget by calling…”

These are concrete action items that can be acted upon, which is exactly what you want to give to the readers of your Brochures. Have any specific call to actions worked for you? If so let us know in the comments so others can learn!