Featured Business Review: Bonheur Media – Motivation and Inspiration Through Design
  by:  |  Jul 16, 2010

Bonheur Media Logo
It’s easy to see that Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro is driven. Although he is still quite young, the designer has already been diagnosed with, and has beaten cancer twice. This battle with illness hasn’t made him fragile, however. Instead, his experiences have awakened his uncanny zeal for life, and has helped him decide to make a difference.

Ignacio realized that he could merge his passion for design with his desire to inspire and motivate people. This spurred him to create Bonheur Media in 2007.

Bonheur Media is an interactive media agency that seeks to make real connections with clients and the community by using multimedia venues to make an impact and a difference. According to Ignacio, Bonheur Media’s mission is “to help motivate and inspire, via various forms of media through our designs and expertise. Giving back is an essential part in our company’s culture and is our main focus to help give back to our local communities.”

As a graduate of Full Sail University with an Associate’s Degree in Digital Media and a BA in Digital Arts & Design, Ignacio understands how excellent design and creativity affects how one’s message is perceived. This is why the Bonheur Media team takes pride in thinking out of the box when coming up with strategies for their clients and non-profit organizations.

The team at Bonheur Media likes to tackle projects where their clients are also trying to improve other people’s lives through great products or services. Bonheur Media takes inspiration from things like a simple Lego brick or a Simon Says game. It also helps that the studio is located in a beautiful park and lake. The team likes to conduct creative briefs outdoors and odd locations to come up with unique websites, web applications, flash media, and print branding materials.

Bonheur Media Studio Entrance

To fulfill their printing needs, Bonheur Media has repeatedly turned to UPrinting’s services over the past two years and Ignacio seems happy about it. He affirms “Yes I am happy about the convenience and printing system that is fast along with the prices that are fair and quality is great. The site is smooth and easy to use. I also like how the print process, keeps you in the loop of the stages your print job is in.”

Aside from creating brand strategies, websites and graphic designs for clients, Bonheur Media also dedicates its time to organizing non-profit events. Every so often Bonheur Media holds an event called BBQure, a gathering that unites people who are involved in the fight against cancer. Doctors, kids and adults who are combating cancer, cancer survivors and their family members are invited to partake of another one of Ignacio’s passions, the barbecue.

BBQure seeks to bring joy to cancer victims, survivors and their loved ones. Activities include a barbecue competition, and a “tell your story stage” where survivors share their experiences to motivate those still going through the battle with cancer. Additionally, there is a networking activity that allows doctors and medical professionals to share medical advice and input. Everything culminates with a night of music, games, and of course, barbecues.

Judging by all of Bonheur Media’s activities, one can see that the company really lives up to their name which means happiness in French. It certainly matches the studio’s philosophy: “Happiness is the core that drives our success. Motivating and inspiring is what drives our passion.”