Featured Business Review: Austin Bechtold Web Design and Marketing – A Top-Notch Web Design and Marketing Company
  by:  |  Jul 13, 2010

Austin Bechtold Web Design and MarketingWorking as a designer is no mean feat. Aside from having artistic talents, it also requires discipline, patience and negotiation skills. After all, working in this field also means having many discussions with the client about the design direction. When you take all of these into account along with the knowledge that Austin Bechtold has had 30-plus years of award-winning designs, then you can easily glean that Bechtold is no ordinary designer.

Austin started out his journey as a graphic designer for an agency and worked his way up as an art director and a creative director. Rising up the ranks allowed Bechtold to learn the ropes from all aspects of the design industry and gain the confidence to start his own agency. A satisfied client then hired Austin for a lead marketing position in a bank. There, he was not only able to use his graphic arts training but was also able to develop skills in writing, PR, employee training and community relations.

Later on as PC-aided design started gaining popularity, Austin decided that he was more suited to web design. He started Austin Bechtold Web Design, Marketing and Consulting and has successfully helmed national and international website projects.

Austin Bechtold’s success lies in his dedication to his customers almost as much as it does in his innate talent and visual sense. Bechtold says “I want to concentrate on the needs of a limited number of clients and make them feel that their advancement is my focus.” It is his goal, one that he has repeatedly met due to his innate skill of aptly interpreting his clients’ needs to produces a marketing and web presence that fits their requirements.

Perhaps these same values are what made Mr. Bechtold decide to have different collaterals such as presentation folders, business cards, posters and the like printed by UPrinting. Asked about this choice, Austin Bechtold replied “I try to create pieces that appeal to the specific audience for each unique client. What I can visualize and design, UPrinting delivers with all the color and sharpness I can hope for.”

This desire for delivering high-caliber and well-crafted work, and a developed aptitude for understanding clients’ needs and demands are qualities found in seasoned designers like Austin Bechtold.