Featured Business Review: ABC Sewing Machine Company | Los Angeles, California
  by:  |  Apr 10, 2009

ABC Sewing Machine, Inc.
2100 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Client Case Study:


ABC Sewing Machine, Inc. is a leading provider in industrial sewing machinery in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Founded in 1980, the company provides machinery solutions for thousands of factories across North America. Sales and marketing manager, Steve Park, came to seeking a solution for his trade show marketing strategy and print marketing materials for his semi-annual client newsletter.

Mr. Park commented, “We needed to find a company that could help me design and print brochures, sales sheets and business cards for all my reps. The staff at provided amazing service and quality printing at a great price. I particularly enjoyed the online design tool that allowed me to create my own layouts and designs.

Using’s templates and online tools, Mr. Park was able to create a full line of print marketing material without having to incur the expense of hiring a designer. Our staff contacted ABC Sewing Machine to inquire about the success of their trade show marketing and Mr. Park reports that it was great success. He added, “We were able to hand out many more brochures and sales sheets than previous years and paid a lot less. Thank you for a great service.