57 Nightclub Flyer Design Samples for Inspiration
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Last updated on September 6th, 2017 at 09:07 pm

Looking for ideas to create a hot new nightclub flyer design?

Even in the age of social media, nightclub flyers remain an essential part of print marketing for clubs. Few other materials are as cost-effective for customer conversions.

Designing nightclub or party flyers can be challenging. Every weekend, your events will be competing with dozens–if not hundreds– of others. An impressive flyer design may just be the ticket to edge out the competition. To help you create that stand-out design, we put together a massive collection of the hottest nightclub flyers to inspire your creativity.

Nightclub Flyer Examples

Night Club Flyer - Virtuous Music and Dance Clubbing
Night Club Flyer - Spanish Fiesta House Promotion

Mónica Monroy

Night Club Flyer - Moonlight Party: Music and DJs


Night Club Flyer - Dance Department Party Community


Night Club Flyer - Musique: Rhythm in Your Soul

paul lukes

Night Club Flyer - After Work: Box Nightclub


Night Club Flyer - Random Play Entertainment Advertising


Night Club Flyer - Free Champagne at Havana Club


Night Club Flyer - Ruby Rabbit, Ocean Boutique Events


Night Club Flyer - Free Cocktails, Live Music


Night Club Flyer - Long Weekend, Dirty Love


Night Club Flyer - On Tour, Free Entry


Night Club Flyer - Respect; Dirty Sound, Disco Punk


Night Club Flyer - December Sunset Fridays at Beach Bar


Night Club Flyer - Finest House and Party Music


Night Club Flyer - Beat Wars: Minimal, House, Techno
Night Club Flyer - Four Elements, Family Club Disco

Rodrigo Carvalho

Night Club Flyer - Touch My Soul Party


Night Club Flyer - Future, Punk, Elektro, Trance, Live


Night Club Flyer - Forbidden: Hollywood Party Flyers


Night Club Flyer – My Sponges Sixteen


Night Club Flyer – Celebrities Circuit Party

melisa m

Night Club Flyer – UV Party Bank Holiday


Night Club Flyer – Afterwork Special


Night Club Flyer – Cloud 9 Heaven’s Portal


Night Club Flyer – Flyer Poster for a Nightclub

Elena Savitskaya

Night Club Flyer – Bank Holiday House Party

Adam Sutton

Night Club Flyer – Electroparty

Matthias Tratz

Night Club Flyer – The After Party


Night Club Flyer – Pink Party


Night Club Flyer – Aaron and Carlo’s Geburtstagsfeier


Night Club Flyer – Jamaican Flavour


Night Club Flyer – Prepared for Uberclubbing

markus neckar

Night Club Flyer – Camysfeat Master B-day Party
Night Club Flyer – Saturday Nights at Broadway

Kevin Falk

Night Club Flyer – Mid Night

Ra’anan Niss.

Night Club Flyer – Upload House Sessions


Night Club Flyer – Abstract Party Design


Night Club Flyer - Baroque


Night Club Flyer - In The Closet

Lemoigne Laurent

Night Club Flyer - Further Dimensions 9

Lemoigne Laurent

Night Club Flyer - Movemendoza

Matthias Tratz

Night Club Flyer - Discotheque

MOK designz // Koen Mo

Night Club Flyer - Prowler Sessions

Armando Rodríguez

Night Club Flyer - Heatwave

Terrick Gichie

Night Club Flyer - Club HouseGooiland

Tim Rijkse

Night Club Flyer - Reconstruct

Misha Empty

Night Club Flyer - Snow A4

Mike Deruzhskiy


Night Club Flyer - Funky

Vasco Pais

Night Club Flyer - Hot London

Gj Seah

Night Club Flyer - Ice Party

Shay D.

Important things to include in your nightclub flyer design:

1.) Address – Make sure recipients are able to find your club!

2.) Maps – Sure, your customers can just Google your location. But don’t make them take that extra step. Plus it shows them what part of town you are in.

3.) Contact details – Even if a customer might not be able to visit your club right away, you want them to be able to reach you, as venue rentals are a significant source of income for many clubs.

4.) Social media details – Make sure your customers can follow your brand. You don’t have to put up details for all your social media channels, just the ones you actively use.

5.) Bleeds Bleed is a technical term for the space in a print design that gets trimmed off. All your important images and details should be kept out of this area. This is important as no printers can print right up the edge of a sheet, necessitating designs be printed on a larger sheet and trimmed to size after. You can check out our free nightclub flyer templates to get an idea how to account for this requirement

Once you’ve created your flyer design with all of this inspiration, have it printed by a professional printing company, and you will love the results. Check out these other flyer design ideas for more examples.

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely for design inspiration.