5 Top Freelance Forums
  by:  |  Oct 18, 2009

Yesterday, we listed top freelance blogs that we think are useful to both full-time and part-time freelancers. To help you further open your doors to work opportunities and knowledge on freelancing, we came up with a list of five of the best freelance forums — those with wide communities, plenty of active threads and of course, loads of resources for tips, tools, and opportunities to earn more.

These freelancer forums maintain a good population of registered members so you’re sure to find plenty information. Each one comes complete with the basic forum features like news and updates, general forums and stats and much more.

5 favorite freelance forums


Pretty good freelance forum in terms of content; caters to a several industries for freelancers like graphic designers, programmers and photographers; plus points for the site’s ease of navigation.


Easy to find what you need; there are forums devoted to each freelance venture such as copywriting, web design and graphic design; the site itself has a comprehensive collection of references for just about anything that has to do with freelance


Highlights work-at-home opportunities, as well as other freelance activities; has a forum where members can share and discuss scam reports — really helpful feature


Easy browsing; most recent posts are listed in a separate field and updated in real time (shows time elapsed) so fresh topics are easy to find; focuses more on the practice of freelancing than the job industries


Mostly about web-related freelance topics like design, development, SEO, content and hosting but also covers discussions on other freelance concerns

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