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5 Business Postcard Ideas for Making the Most of Your Money
  by:  |  Apr 8, 2009

Last updated on March 13th, 2020 at 01:30 pm

Want to delve into postcard marketing, but need a few business postcard ideas to get yourself started? Well, keep reading for my 5 favorite and most cost-efficient uses for postcards.

Appointment Reminder

This is one of the most commonly used business postcard ideas for a reason – it works. Use business postcards to remind clients, customers and patients of upcoming appointments, routine maintenance checks, touch ups or other regular appointments.

Postcard Coupon

Turning your Postcards promotion into an actual coupon is a great way to track the effectiveness of your postcard campaign. By requiring the customer to bring your business postcard into your store or business, you’ll be able to stay on top of a campaign and follow its progress.

By tracking a campaign’s progress, you’ll definitely be making the most of your money. Not only will you be advertising your business and a current promotion, you’re gathering information to make future campaigns that much more effective.

Create a Price List or Info Sheet

Instead of depending on brochures and info sheets, opt for a postcard. Why? It’s durable and pocket-friendly, meaning customers are more likely to take it with them and it’ll last longer.

When it comes to business postcard ideas that make the most of your money, this one simply ensures your promotional products last longer, meaning you won’t have to order replacements as quickly. That saves you time and money.

Use Postcards as Correspondence Cards

Instead of splurging on promotional materials and stationary, why not combine the two? Business postcards make great correspondence cards for quick thank you notes, invitations and other little letters that can often have a big impact.

Targeted Promotions

If you’re looking for business postcard ideas that will really make the most of your marketing dollars, this is it. Because postcards can be printed in such small quantities ($52.35 for 500) and mailed for such low prices, you can easily set up a highly targeted campaign at a very low cost.

For example, you could create a promotion specific to a particular demographic within your customer base, target your best customers or develop a campaign designed to woo back your worst. With targeted, small Postcard Printing runs, it’s simple and cost-effective.