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5 Alternative Uses of a Brochure
  by:  |  Dec 2, 2014
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Last updated on January 12th, 2021 at 05:35 pm

A Brochure is a single foldable sheet used by marketers to highlight a product, company or service. They are one of the most common and effective tools used by businesses and organizations for relaying information or announcements to a wide audience. Brochures are perfect canvases to showcase images, charts and lengthy pieces of information.

It is a common belief that for brochures to create an impact they must feature high-res photos and full color printing. Though this still remains true, nowadays it takes more than premium images and color to make a standout brochure. Think outside the box. Brochures are versatile and its modern uses are numerous. Here are 5 alternative uses of a brochure:

1.   Brochures as Restaurant Menus/Recipes

Nowadays, using a brochure format for designing a menu is common. This style is usually seen in take-out menus where the layout makes it easier to view and compare selections. The folded format also allows customers to easily carry them around. Of course brochure menus are not limited to take-outs. Some establishments also apply this layout to their dine-in materials.

The most common fold for brochure menus are Bi-fold, Tri-fold & Roll Folds. These styles are simple, uncomplicated and make for easy viewing.

As for sizes, brochure menus may use any standard size format. But if you wish to really highlight your selections, go for the bigger sizes like 8.5″ x 14″ and 11″ x 17.


Another way to be innovative with your menu designs is to use pocket brochures. They are extremely easy to carry around. The only drawback is some consumers might find them hard to read. Just make sure your fonts are big enough to understand.

Recipes can also be designed using a brochure format. They make excellent complimentary handouts for food sellers. It gives customers ideas on how to use your ingredients or how to eat them.

  1. Brochures as Invitations:

Brochures used as invitations are quite common nowadays. You can use it whether for business events or a personal party. One of the benefits of using brochure invitations is that they are perfect for easy viewing. You can see details laid out in a single sheet, whereas traditional invitations are often divided into pages. Invitations done in a brochure format also allows you to put more information and even images in your materials. Furthermore, traditional invitations have a higher chance of recipients losing a page or two.

Brochure invitations often use 2-panel or 3-panel clean folding styles like bi-fold or tri-fold. But any type of fold is applicable for this material, so it really depends on how creative and innovative you want to be. They are available for printing in any standard brochure sizes like 8.5” x 5.5” & 8.5” x 11″.

  1. Brochures as Presentation Package:

Business 101: Always try to create a good and memorable first impression during presentations.

Follow this rule, and you can boost not only your sales but create a strong image and reputation as well. Designing your brochures as presentation packages is one innovative way to capture interest. A lot of big corporations nowadays use this type of format to catalog their products. They serve as excellent product and company guides during your meetings.

Another way to use Presentation Brochures is through your direct mail marketing. When done right, they can easily stand out from other mails. Give one to potential customers and convert them to leads.


  1. Brochures as a Resume:

Fact: unemployment rate in our country is almost always more than 5% of our population. Given that it has been steadily improving through the years, the fact still remains that looking for a job is never easy.

Good companies wade through hundreds and thousands of resumes every day. They might give them each a glance and pick according to what stood out.  To get ahead of the pack self-promote using creative and unconventional ways to pique their interest. A unique entry will make them look twice and consider. A fresh take on CV writing is using a brochure format to present them. It’s somewhat complicated and time-consuming, but the rewards are well worth it. Resume brochure enables you more space to communicate and advertise yourself. Plus when done right they’re memorable and allow you to show your creativity and design capabilities.

Brochure Resume 1
Brochure Resume 2
Brochure resume 3

Via: Patrick Costilow

Brochure Resume Graphic Designer
Brochure Resume Designer

Via: Gary Corr

  1. Brochures as Maps:

Maps are essentially printed using a brochure format. The main reason is because they are the only marketing material large enough to clearly showcase map location details. They are also foldable which allows people to carry them around anywhere.

 Brochure Map


Brochure Map 2


Why don’t you guys try out these brochure ideas? If you think about any new alternative uses of brochure, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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