40 Personal Letterheads of Influential People
  by:  |  Dec 20, 2016
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What do Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali and Albert Einstein have in common? In addition to being recognized universally as three of the most influential people of all time, they all used personal letterheads.

Individuals and companies in all industries make it a point to have their own unique letterhead, and for good reason. Letterheads are effective branding and marketing tools. In addition to being used for official letters and business transactions,  they carry a company’s corporate identity and can further boost its reputation. Letterheads helped even icons like Elvis, Ali and Einstein to reach out to both business partners and supporters. Sending a letterhead as opposed to an ordinary piece of paper can really make a huge difference.

We’ve compiled 40 vintage personal letterheads that belong to some amazing people we’re sure you know or at least have heard about. Kudos to Shaun Usher and the entire Letterheady team, as well as the other sources cited for digging up  these letterhead treasures. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to make your own letterhead, have them printed by a trusted company to be assured of clear and long lasting prints. Who knows, 50 years from now, your personal letterhead might be included in a list like this one.

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely for design inspiration.

John F. Kennedy, 1952

Personal letterheads - JFK

JFK’s brand is pure Americana.

Frank Sinatra, 1967

Personal Letterhead - Sinatra

Frank Sinatra’s personal letterhead was classy and understated.

Les Paul, 1951

Personal Letterhead - Les Paul

Arguably Les Paul’s letterhead could have been better if it featured his famous signature.

Princess Diana, 1997

Personal Letterhead - Princess Diana

Jeremy Essex via Letterheady

Princess Diana’s personal brand shines through in this letterhead.

Marilyn Monroe, 1958

Personal Letterhead - Marilyn Monroe

Danny Gifford

This embossed letterhead is more understated than is typical of the era.

Johnny Cash, c.1965

Personal Letterhead - Johnny Cash

The Office of Johnny Cash

The Man in Black was country through and through.

Ray Charles, 1990

Personal Letterhead - Ray Charles

T. Parker via Letterheady

It’s not clear if Ray Charles himself decided on the sheet music motif, but it’s hard to imagine a more appropriate letterhead design.

Chuck Jones, 1986

Personal Letterhead - Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones’s impeccable sense of timing and dynamics shows off even on a single sheet of paper.

Ozzy Osbourne, 2011

Personal Letterhead - Ozzy Osbourne

Rolling Stone Magazine via Letterheady

This mildly amusing example from Ozzy is oddly appropriate.

Hughes Entertainment (John Hughes), c.1990

Personal Letterhead - John Hughes

James Hughes, via Letterheady

The iconic director’s personalized letterhead is pure Hollywood.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1985

Personal Letterhead - Liz Taylor

Bonham’s Auctions via Letterheady

The thin font shows off the late Liz Taylor’s elegance and style.

David Bowie, 1974

Personal Letterhead - David Bowie

Hard Rock Cafe via Letterheady

This kind of typeface oozes pure glam.

Bob Kane

Personal Letterhead - Bob Kane

Jason P. via Letterheady

Bob Kane’s custom letterhead evokes a less gritty era for comics than most of us remember.

Charles Schulz, 1966

Personal Letterhead - Charles Schulz

Just perfect!

Andy Warhol

Personal Letterhead - Andy Warhol

Grace via Letterheady

Many people may be coping Warhol’s style today, but at the time, there was nothing quite like it.

Nikola Tesla, 1911

Personal Letterhead - Nikola Tesla

Heritage Auctions

Of course, it had a doomsday machine on it.

Richard Simmons, 2009

Personal Letterhead - Richard Simmons

Charles D’Angelo

This example is as colorful as the man behind it.

Muhammad Ali, 1983

Personal Letterhead - Muhammad Ali

A simple letterhead for a complex man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1989

Personal Letterhead - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie knew his name was all that was needed to make this letterhead stand out.

Abraham Lincoln, 1860

Personal Letterhead - Abraham Lincoln

These types of prints would have been popular in the 1860’s.

Bill Cosby, 1991

Personal Letterhead - Bill Cosby

Lili Bernard via Letterheady

Even TV shows need letterheads.

Ray Bradbury, c.1998

Personal Letterhead - Ray Bradbury

Fritz via Letterheady

Ray Bradbury’s nifty letterhead recalls imagery from his classic works.

Enzo Ferrari, 1974

Personal Letterhead - Enzo Ferrari

Alan F. via Letterheady

That logo is all Enzo Ferrari needed.

Pat Sullivan, c.1918

Personal Letterhead - Pat Sullivan

Hake’s American Collectibles

This letterhead would have been mind-blowing for that era.

Edward VIII, 1936

Personal Letterhead - Edward VIII

If you ever have a title that long, a letterhead would be a better place for it than a business card.

Calvin Klein, 1979

Personal Letterhead - Calvin Klein

Lucy Friedman via Letterheady

This example says ‘luxury’.

J. D. Salinger, 1989

Personal Letterhead - J.D. Salinger

A somewhat unintuitive design by the literary icon.

Adolf Hitler, 1934-1945

Personal Letterhead - Adolf Hitler

Snyder’s Treasures

The guy knew his brand.

Rocky Marciano, 1970

Personal Letterhead - Rocky Marciano

Frank via Letterheady

When your face is your brand, you might want a letterhead like this.

Robert Ripley, 1932

Personal Letterhead - Robert Ripley

Geraldine via Letterheads

Robert Ripley didn’t want to leave any marketing possibility to chance.

Theodor Seuss Geisel

Personal Letterhead - Dr. Seuss

Sonny Capes via Letterheady

Oh, the letterheads you’ll make.

Harry Houdini, 1913

Personal Letterhead - Harry Houdini

Pyramid Gallery

Portrait letterheads aren’t generally popular now, but they were the rage back then.

Sigmund Freud, 1900

Personal Letterhead - Sigmund Freud

A straightforward letterhead from Dr. Freud.

Charlie Chaplin, 1967

Personal Letterhead - Charlie Chaplin

Heritage Auctions

A rather formal example from a comedic icon.

Elvis Presley

Personal Letterhead - Elvis Presley


A tastefully flamboyant letterhead, fit for The King.

Bill Watterson, late-1980s

Personal Letterhead - Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson’s letterhead shows off his two most beloved characters in a typical scene.

Albert Einstein, 1932

Personal Letterhead - Albert Einstein

RAAB Collection

Some geniuses don’t have time for fancy letterheads.

Frank Zappa, 1986

Personal Letterhead - Frank Zappa

Letters of Note

Frank Zappa’s letterhead branding is a post-modern mystery. Much like his music.

J. K. Rowling, 2009

Personal Letterhead - J.K. Rowling

Dan Lacey via Letterheady

This magical example is surely the favorite of many of our readers.

Dan Brown, 2009

Personal Letterhead - Dan Brown

Centralia Masons via Letterheady

Straightforward. No obvious plot twists here.

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