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4 Unique Ways You Can Use Postcards for Advertising
  by:  |  Jul 21, 2008

Postcards are among of the most commonly used printed advertising devices due to the combination of their sturdy construction and their ability to be carried and stored easily. Postcards can be a valuable resource for advertisers and can be used in a variety of ways. Here’s a few suggestions about different types of advertising you can do with postcards:

1. Announcement: Whether its a sale or new location or product, you can use a postcard as a colorful way to launch the campaign.

2. Invitation: Want to get people into your store or restaurant or store? Send them a postcard with your store’s information. Give them a reason to come and they’ll be quick to respond to the invite

3. Product Sample: Postcards are a great way to give people just a taste of the products and services your company offers. You can send a postcard with a color photo of your product and let them know there’s more to be seen at your store, restaurant or website.

4. Business Card: You use your business cards to give people you meet your information for their future reference. You can do the same with postcards, except you can mass mail them. It;s almost like giving your business card to hundreds of people at the same time.