4 Cheap Brochure Printing Design Tips
  by:  |  Feb 12, 2009

Brochures give you a massive amount of printed real estate to promote your business, product or service. But, with that real estate comes added cost and let’s face it, times are tight. If you’re watching your bottom line, here are a few tips you can use to design a brochure that’s effective, but also cost-effective.

Cheap Brochure Printing Design Tips

1. Re-use Artwork

Instead of commissioning new artwork or photography, you can often reuse elements that have appeared in other mailings or promotional materials. This also creates a more cohesive look across your entire brand.

2. Go with a Standard Size

Opting for a standard size and shape will reduce your brochure printing costs. It can also reduce your postage and envelope-printing costs if you plan on mailing out your brochures.

3. Opt for Simple Folds

Choosing a standard fold for your brochures can reduce your printing costs because it reduces labor costs. For example, a simple accordion fold, roll fold or tri fold (some of the most common brochure folds) will typically cost less than a complex gate fold or a French fold.

4. Don’t Skimp on Color

It may be tempting to skimp on color, particularly when you’re trying to save money, but one-color and two-color prints rarely have the impact that four-color print jobs have. If you are opting for a one-color or two-color print, invest in a designer that can really make that limited color range pop.

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