39 Rock Band Stickers We’d Actually Go Moshing For
  by:  |  Jan 19, 2011

More often than not, calling one’s self a fan of a band means more than just loving the music. For die-hard fans, it also means embracing the band’s image. -Remember the mop top haircuts because of the Beatles? Or how girls started wearing tracksuits, babydoll dresses, or platform shoes during the Spice Girls’ heyday?

That said, it’s not always about looking like one’s idols. Some people prefer to announce their musical allegiances with branded merchandise like rock band stickers. These veritable badges have graced countless lockers, binders,walls, and car bumpers, basically displaying the sticker owner’s musical tastes (or lack thereof, really.)

That said, the rock band sticker is a relatively affordable way to promote gigs or just to remind people that they exist. They can be concert freebies, or they can be sold to fans. It’s not unheard of for really rad limited edition band stickers to go for a pretty penny. However which way you give them out, rockin’ rock band stickers will definitely help promote your band.

Now all one has to do is back the great designs with some awesome music.

To help you come up with great stickers for your band, here are some excellent examples we found from various places around the ‘net.

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39 Head-Bangin’ Rock Band Stickers to Inspire You

All rights reserved by Brendan Edwards
rock band stickers - cub

All rights reserved by Tanya Gelman
rock band stickers

All rights reserved by marshotline
rock band stickers - The Offspring
The Offspring

Some rights reserved by Thomas Duchnicki
rock band stickers - Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

All rights reserved by NOTIMEWARPMUSIC
rock band stickers - frank zappa
Frank Zappa

All rights reserved by Robby Virus
rock band stickers - salcon
Salcon (a French band)

All rights reserved by STAB MBC
rock band stickers
Jimi Hendrix

All rights reserved by Brendan Edwards
rock band stickers - the inbred
The Inbreds

Some rights reserved by Joe Goldberg
rock band stickers
Air (a French band)

All rights reserved by Jeffrey S.
rock band stickers - dmb
Dave Matthews Band

All rights reserved by Darnett B. Vandal
rock band stickers - KISS

All rights reserved by Narisa
rock band stickers

All rights reserved by pepelovespj
rock band stickers - pearl jam
Pearl Jam

All rights reserved by Brendan Edwards
rock band stickers -hammerbox

All rights reserved by Anna Melcon Bond
rock band stickers - band marino
Band Marino

All rights reserved by street_milk
rock band stickers - blur
Blur – a sticker based on “Milky” from the music video, Coffee & TV

All rights reserved by m0t_vu0n_banana
rock band stickers - pantera

Some rights reserved by 4rank
rock band stickers- the illustrators
The Illustrators

All rights reserved SouthernGrrrl
rock band stickers -various stickers
Various concert stickers from Travis, Incubus, Oasis, The Killers.

All rights reserved by Carolina
rock band stickers- john lennon
John Lennon

All rights reserved by Amy Watts
rock band stickers

All Rights Reserved by Static Invasion
rock band stickers - rem

All rights reserved by Helderes Santos
rock band stickers - Eddie
Eddie (A Brazilian band)

All rights reserved by Danny PiG
rock band stickers - root down
Root Down

All rights reserved by iluvu4191
rock band stickers - panic at the disco
Panic at the Disco

All rights reserved by AnarchistJordanJawbreaker
rock band stickers
My Chemical Romance

All rights reserved by Jonafun2 (Jonathan)
rock band stickers - smashing pumpkins
Smashing Pumpkins

All rights reserved by ellecer
rock band stickers - U2

All rights reserved by John Fischer
rock band stickers - van halen

Eddie Van Halen

All rights reserved by ldindo1
rock band stickers - Oasis

All rights reserved by temporarySPASTIC
rock band stickers - megadeth

Some rights reserved by red hand records
rock band stickers - they might be giants
They Might Be Giants

Some rights reserved by stir crazy
rock band stickers - super phat prod.
Super Phat Productions

All rights reserved by Felipe Ramirez Amigo
rock band stickers - duran duran
Duran Duran

All rights reserved by Carolyn
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