32 Exhilarating Upcoming Movie Posters for 2011!
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2010 is over and the 2011 has barely started. Already, hundreds of soon-to-be-released films are vying for our collective attention, even though many of them are more than half a year away from their scheduled release. That the multi-billion dollar movie industry still heavily relies on posters to sell films is huge vote of confidence on the effectiveness of these print products for promotional use.

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Upcoming movie posters are often designed even before actual filming for a particular film has even finished. In fact, you might sometimes see posters that have very little connection to the actual movie. This might not even matter for many film producers though, if the main point to sell the movie.

Upcoming movie posters are often a lot sparser than the versions that come out just before the film’s actual release. Some of them feature nothing more than an image, the title, and the tentative release date. Others might not even have an image at all! The purpose of this is to drum up a good buzz around the movie without saying much about what’s actually in it. After all, you don’t really want to give up too many plot elements or else you might ruin any surprises the movie might have in store.

What would be left on the poster though, would be a few selling points about the movie. If it’s an action movie for instance, there would be some suggestion about what to expect. Same thing goes for other genres. If a popular or well-regarded actor, actress, director, producer, screenwriter, or special effects is involved, the poster might attempt to highlight that too.

The same principles behind these movie poster samples can be used to drum up publicity for any event or upcoming product! Take a look at posters of some of the more heavily-anticipated movies of 2011!

32 Outstanding Upcoming Movie Posters For The Movie Freak In You!

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Upcoming Movie Posters - Madea

Upcoming Movie Posters- Skateland

Upcoming Movie Posters - Skateland2

Upcoming Movie Posters - Cars 2

Upcoming Movie Posters- Rite

Upcoming Movie Posters - I Am

Upcoming Movie Posters - The Roommate

Upcoming Movie Posters - Sanctum

Upcoming Movie Posters - The Tree of Life

Upcoming Movie Posters - Priest

Upcoming Movie Posters - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Upcoming Movie Posters - Beastly

Upcoming Movie Posters - The Smurfs

Upcoming Movie Posters - Thor

Upcoming Movie Posters - Winnie The Pooh

Upcoming Movie Posters - Captain America: The First Avenger

Upcoming Movie Posters - The Scenesters

Upcoming Movie Posters - The Mechanic

Upcoming Movie Posters - Sucker Punch

Upcoming Movie Posters - Super 8

Upcoming Movie Posters - Kung Fu Panda 2

Upcoming Movie Posters - Kung Fu Panda 2 01

Upcoming Movie Posters - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Upcoming Movie Posters - The Beaver


The next 5 posters a case study in attempting to create buzz around a movie. These are a series of posters for Battle: Los Angeles. Some just feature cryptic bits and pieces of the plot, namely city names, a year, and a URL to a website that gives the illusion that the events of the movie are in fact, real. They don’t even feature the film’s title- all in an attempt to get people curious about the movie. The inclusion of the URL is a clever touch that integrates online and offline promotions.
Upcoming Movie Posters - Battle: Los Angeles Main

Upcoming Movie Posters - Battle: Los Angeles

Upcoming Movie Posters - Buenos Aires 1965

Upcoming Movie Posters - Seoul 1983

Upcoming Movie Posters - London 1991


Upcoming Movie Posters - Cowboys and Aliens

Upcoming Movie Posters - Green Lantern

Upcoming Movie Posters - X-Men: First Class

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