3 Great Ways to Use Brochures to Boost Your Business
  by:  |  Jul 28, 2008

Brochures are a versatile advertising medium which you can use in a number of ways to spread your message. Brochures are unique among the most common printed advertising formats in that they combine the portability of postcards and business cards with the ability to convey larger portions of information that you find in devices like newsletters and catalogs.

This sort of versatility allows you to use brochures in a number of ways to help advertise and operate your business. Here’s a few ideas for you to try:

1.     Advertising Mailing:   Brochures are a great way to get information out to your customers.   A brochure can hold more information than the average postcard mailing and still remain portable and relatively inexpensive to distribute and mail.  You can give your customers more value in your mailing by taking advantage of this to give customers more information than a simple postcard mailing which just covers a sale or new single offer.

2.     Tradeshow Handout:  As we’ve discussed before, brochures make terrific handouts.  A strong brochure can act as an introduction to your business to people who may not be familiar with it.  The brochure can be used to give enough information to entice a tradeshow attendee to become interested in your company while still giving you the leeway to fill in the gaps and to close the sale with more information.

3.   Newsletter:   Not every company newsletter needs to be a full size document done in newsletter format.  A folded brochure can serve as a easy to digest information source for your employees or customers, while not overwhelming them with a large informational package.