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25 Stunning Black Business Cards for Print Design Inspiration
  by:  |  Apr 14, 2016

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 01:57 pm

Here are 25 examples of black business cards that really stand out.

Although some people say that black is a sad and boring color, it is often used in business card design by graphic designers today. Why? Black exudes professionalism, power, and confidence – three characteristics that businesses want to project. It also looks good when combined with almost any color because of its versatility.

With a sexy font and eye-catching color to match, a dark card can look stunningly beautiful just like these 25 examples of black business cards:

Black Business Card Designs

Black Business Cards - serneels

Designer: Maarten Seernels

Black Business Cards - Brenna

Designer: Jeff Bates

Black Business Cards - Macrochromatic

Designer: Macrochromatic

Black Business Cards - Gravy Train

Designer: Sayem Sarker

Black Business Cards - Maruff

Designer: Tawhid Maruf

Black Business Cards - Heart

Designer:Print Pinball

Black Business Card - Japan Print

Designer: Japan Print

Black Business Card - Alexa Wright

Designer: Alexa Wright

Black Business Card - Gold

Designer: Ayoob Ullah

Black Business Cards - Blackjack
Designer: Blackjack

Black Business Cards - Keely Nguyen
Designer: KB Design

Black Business Cards - Cre8tive Webdesign
Designer: Annelie Strecker

Black Business Cards - My Business Card
Designer: Thiago Ranielli

Black Business Cards - Beauty Seen PR
Designer: Design Friendship

Black Business Cards - Uno Design

Designer: Uno

Black Business Cards - Loveleft
Designer: Loveleft

Black Business Cards - Fuse Design
Designer: Fuse Design

Black Business Cards - Alpis
Designer: Alpis Design

Black Business Cards - Sin Film
Designer: Cargo

Black Business Cards - Rekon Design
Designer: Chris Koch

Black Business Cards - Dreamtime
Designer: Dreamtime

Black Business Cards - Atelier
Designer: Atelier

Black Business Cards - Wo
Designer: Israseyd

Black Business Cards - WorkByDrew
Designer: WorkByDrew

Black Business Cards - I Draw Designs
Designer: IDrawDesigns

The color black can have several connotations depending on culture and context. In Western culture it can suggest power, sophistication, or mourning. In Eastern culture, it can suggest health and prosperity. Black is also a favored color for minimalist designs as it is simple to match with many other colors, as you can see in the examples above.

Black is also a bit more challenging to print than other colors because without the right calibration and proofing, printers may instead produce a shade of dark gray or dark blue. The next time you design black business cards  cards for yourself or for a client, make sure to have them printed professionally to make them stand out, and to ensure the black colors stay truer.

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