25 Mind-Blowing Art Nouveau Poster Designs!
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The Art Nouveau style was de rigeur for a relatively short time, from the 1890s up until the first part of the 1900s. This era in visual art however, was and remains extremely important for providing the link between the classical styles of earlier times with modern schools of designs. Art Nouveau poster designs were the first taken seriously by art aficionados and continue to be among the most sought after prints today.

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While the Art Nouveau movement certainly didn’t invent the idea of posters, it was definitely during its height that commercial art and poster design truly came into their own. The works of Alphonse Mucha, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustav Klimt and many others continue to inspire the artists of today with their groundbreaking visual motifs, typography, use of color, and intricate attention to detail. Even as the Art Nouveau style was abandoned in favor of Art Deco and other less complicated aesthetics, new samples of the work continue to be produced in the present day.

The style continues to be popular today, with the undulating lines and quirky details popping up in some very unexpected ways. While the new styles may feature very different themes from the originals, they remain surprisingly faithful to the works that inspired them. Sit back and relax as we take you through a tour of:

25 Amazing Art Nouveau Poster Samples!


Art Nouveau’s flowing style and emphasis on curves lent it a distinctly feminine look.
Art Nouveau Poster - tendrils

Alphonse Marie Mucha was the first one to create work identifiably in this style. Art Nouveau was in fact called, “Mucha Style” when the movement was first starting to take a hold of Europe. This is an ad for Job Paper Cigarettes.
Art Nouveau Poster - job
Alphonse Mucha

Dog food!
Art Nouveau Poster-woof
Auguste Roobille

Cool, yet creepy all at once.
Art Nouveau Poster - meow


“Collab with Mathiole. This is a little homage to the greatest Art Nouveau Man, Alphonse Mucha, and also a mash up with Mexican Wrestling poster style”
Art Nouveau Poster - homage

Israeli artist Johnathan Zafrani’s Art Nouvelle-inspired event poster
Art Nouveau Poster - concert

“Poster designed for Kristy Pennino’s Advanced Graphic Design II course, Fall 2008”
Art Nouveau Poster - amateur
Christine Cerniglia
Simplicissimus Magazine was at the forefront of “Jugendstil”, Art Nouvelle’s counterpart in Germany and Austria-Hungary. This strikingly modern-looking poster was made in either 1896 or 1897. It was stylistically opposite of the detail-rich illustrations and posters in Paris, yet the general effect on the Classical Art that preceded them both was the same.
Art Nouveau Poster - jugendstil
Thomas Heine

Art Nouveau Poster - jugendstil1
Thomas Heine
This series is a modern homage to Art Nouveau. Note the very different use of color.
Art Nouveau Poster - primavera

Art Nouveau Poster - invierno

Art Nouveau Poster - verano

Art Nouveau Poster - verano
The style used in a relatively recent event poster.

A fusion of Art Nouveau with relatively spare Art Deco.
Art Nouveau Poster - fusion
By drewbles13

The following series is by the Father of Art Nouveau himself, Czech-born Parisienne Alphonse Mucha. There’s not much more that could be said about his commercial work from this era that has not been said. He was always disappointed that his commercial work held more acclaim than his more artistically “purist” works.
Art Nouveau Poster - Mucha1
Alphonse Mucha

Art Nouveau Poster - mucha2
Alphonse Mucha

Art Nouveau Poster - mucha3
Alphonse Mucha

Paul Berthon was more economical in his use of color, at least in this particular work. Certain elements of more modern styles can already be seen here.
Art Nouveau Poster - Berthon
Paul Berthon
Awesome recent design. Steampunk anyone?
Art Nouveau Poster - steampunk
by =mary-chan

Couldn’t find Blanka, my personal favorite. 🙁
Art Nouveau Poster - not blanka
by *Razvan-Sedekiah

Not strictly Art Nouveau, but it incorporates certain motifs from that school of design.
Art Nouveau Poster - Gambit
by *jackieocean


by ~johntylerchristopher

As seen here, the Art Nouveau style directly inspired the psychedelic prints of the 60s and 70s, and from there, a lot of the bad Ed Hardy knock-offs. Done correctly though, the results are stunning.

by *brainleakage

Throwing our gaming readers some geek love.

by `ursulav


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