25 High Speed Photos to Pump Up Your Large Format Poster Designs!
  by:  |  Jan 10, 2011

Alright, first thing’s first- the following images were NOT “photoshopped”, nor were they run through an image editor for anything other than resizing. These otherworldly images are a result of ingenious lighting and shutter-speed settings.

The technology behind high speed photography was developed by German weapons scientists during the First World Ward to aid in arms research and development. Today, there are several methods one can use to take high speed photographs, but all of them basically involve very fast shutter or camera sensor speeds.

Our eyes, while being incredible machines on their own, suffer from certain limitation in terms of speed and our brains are not capable of accurately recognizing fast-moving objects. That’s why things in motion appear as a blur to us, and on slower cameras. With the right equipment however, we can unlock worlds that have been right in front of us all along.

These 25 high speed photos are but some of the more awe-inspiring shots out there! High speed photos tend to capture our imaginations because a lot of the time, we are just *really* seeing things for what they are for the very first time. Scroll down to see:

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25 Out-of-This-World High Speed Photographs!

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High Speed Photos - Drip
By ikerr

High Speed Photos - Milk
By Olivier Landreau aka lepopov

High Speed Photos - Raspberry + milk
By trishhyyy.

High Speed Photos - Showerhead
By dina_149

High Speed Photos - Red Drop
By Frank_F_S

High Speed Photos - paint 1
By dennisdijk87

High Speed Photos - rubber ducky
By Lee Delaunay

High Speed Photos - rainbow
By photoboothguy

High Speed Photos - rainbow 2
By Saleh Bajahlan

High Speed Photos - shining shimmering splendid
All rights reserved by C a f r i n e

High Speed Photos - splash
By paranoidandreas

High Speed Photos - egg
By winsnick

High Speed Photos - candle
By MrWilkens

High Speed Photos - occam
By MrWilkens

High Speed Photos - syringe
By dongga BS

High Speed Photos - duo
All rights reserved by Scottdd222

High Speed Photos - monster
Some rights reserved by innoxiuss

High Speed Photos - shroom
by ~Stridsberg

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