22 Valentine’s Day Card Ideas to Tickle the Heart- and Funny Bones!
  by:  |  Feb 2, 2011

The day of hearts is approaching and people are starting to get all agog over what to get their significant others. Now there’s the usual route of chocolates, flowers, and a few heart-melting sonnets (courtesy of Shakespeare or Hallmark, perhaps) but there’s really more than one way to let someone know you’re interested.

Sometimes taking a detour through the funny bone can get you to the heart quicker -or at least we think so. We’d certainly appreciate it if anyone thought of sending us any of the following cards for V-day (hint, hint)!

So here’s a collection of witty and cute cards that might spark your own Valentine’s Day card ideas and help you win your sweetie’s heart. And hey, if you want to thank us, feel free to send us one in the mail (we kid, but we hope you enjoy this inspiration post)!

22 Funny Valentine’s Day Card Ideas that may Bring a Smile to Your Sweetheart’s Face

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Now this is card that tell you that you’re getting good value from the sender. (At least, that’s how we choose to read it. We’re very optimistic.)
valentine's day card ideas - tesco
All rights reserved by DaveBr
valentine's day card ideas - kid loves cake
All rights reserved by Natalia Aranguren
valentine's day card ideas - learn braille
All rights reserved by Derek Cutting
valentine's day card ideas - whales
Some rights reserved by Erica_B
valentine's day card ideas - color my world
All rights reserved by AquaticFishy
valentine's day card ideas - drawn together
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Perfect for your geeky cutie!
valentine's day card ideas - geeky valentines
All rights reserved by Kelly Turnbull
Yes, beets fall in love too.
valentine's day card ideas - beetroots
All rights reserved by enkana
valentine's day card ideas - thousand circuits
All rights reserved by Van Huynh
valentine's day card ideas - pirate valentine
All rights reserved by JulieAnnArt
valentine's day card ideas - take me
All rights reserved by Nick Morley
A interesting spin on “love your enemies”. Or maybe they’re giving peace a chance on Valentine’s.
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