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25 Caliente Hot Sauce Labels to Inspire Your Label Designs!
  by:  |  Nov 11, 2010
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Last updated on September 6th, 2017 at 08:08 pm

Life would be boring if people didn’t add spice to it. No other group of people understands this more literally than fans of hot sauce. They relentlessly search for the best mix of habanero, peri-peri, or jolokia chili peppers (amongst many others) to add some much-needed zing to even the most ho-hum meals.

However, there are about as many hot sauce types as there are varieties of chili peppers. So how does a chili fan know which brand will satisfy their craving for the piquant? By checking the hot sauce labels, of course! And boy, are they ever creative these days.

Many hot sauce brands have pretty descriptive names that tell you exactly what will happen if you ingest their sauce (usually something pretty painful-sounding like being burned or kicked). Their label designs aren’t dull either, with novelty labels (some rather rude but all in good fun!) gaining popularity among real chili heads.

Are you a fan of hot sauce, or are you planning to design your own label and need inspiration? Then check out this collection of hot sauce labels that bring on the zest!

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25 Fun and Fiery Hot Sauce Labels to Inspire You!

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hot sauce labels - pickapeppa

hot sauce labels - gaby's hot stuff

hot sauce labels - beelzebub's breath

hot sauce labels - torchbearer sauces

hot sauce labels - dead man hot sauce

hot sauce labels - devil's juice

hot sauce labels - wimp retardant

hot sauce labels - lethal ingestion

hot sauce labels - asbirin

Hot Sauce Labels - charlie's hard times

hot sauce labels - blair's after death sauce

hot sauce labels - heartbreaking dawn's set

hot sauce labels - afterlife

hot sauce labels - hot hippo peri peri

hot sauce labels - hp

hot sauce - ultimate annihilation

hot sauce labels - bush themed labels

hot sauce labels - not osama

hot sauce labels - saddam insane and burn in hell osama

hot sauce labels - scorned woman salsa

hot sauce labels - cajohn's magma hot sauce

hot sauce labels - cajohn's frostbite

hot sauce labels - radical red

Hot Sauce Labels - flaming phoenix
Aren’t they wicked?

If you’d like to try your hand at creating your own hot sauce labels, send in your designs to and we’ll do the rest. Check out our site for your printing options and to request free proofs.

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