17 Great Travel Brochure Examples Fit for Globetrotters
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Last updated on December 19th, 2019 at 10:14 pm

Sometimes our feet just get this insatiable itch to traverse new surroundings. This is where travel brochures come in.  They are a globetrotter’s best friend. Not only do they to tell us where to go, they can tell us what to do — and not to do. The travel brochure examples below are some of the most interesting ones we’ve seen so far. Whether you work with a travel agency, tourism office, or are promoting your own attraction, creating a travel brochure is a tried and tested way to help tourists that will be appreciated and pay off.

These brochures are meant to draw people to visit interesting places and help them plan an itinerary. A good travel brochure has to be well-composed, inviting, and ultimately, easy to navigate.

If you want to create your own, or if you’re just interested in looking at different samples, we’ve collected a few exemplary travel brochure examples to inspire you.

17 Sample Travel Brochures That Will Make You Want to Fly Away 


travel brochure examples - allerleirau

Some rights reserved by allerleirau


travel brochure examples - bai gbala
All rights reserved by Bai Gbala

Boudin Trail

 boudin trail
All rights reserved by Oran Parker

New Zealand

New zealand travel brochure
All rights reserved by stevethehouse

Pennsylvania Civil War Trails

 Civil war brochure
All rights reserved by Robert Marshbank


mexico travel brochure
All rights reserved by Eric Agbosu


travel brochure examples - italy
All rights reserved by Crutchfield Creative


All rights reserved by Leila Singleton

New York 1939 World’s Fair

 new york world's fair
All rights reserved by Todd Franklin

Route 66

travel brochure examples - route 66
All rights reserved by Melissa Doody

Rail Days

rail days 2010
All rights reserved by SR Martin


texas tourism guide
All rights reserved by Clint Martin

Grand Canyon Railway

grand canyon railways
All rights reserved by SR Martin


All rights reserved by Borsa Wallace


Seoul Brochure

All rights reserved by Anya Alexander


India travel brochure

All rights reserved by Muhammed Salman C.H

Astray Travel Co.

Astray Brochure

All rights reserved by Rebecca Finn

Don’t these make you just want to pack your bags and start exploring? We hope you enjoyed looking at these travel brochure examples as much as we loved collecting them.

If you’ve been inspired to create your own travel brochure, remember that it takes more than an eye-catching layout to make it work. Given that travel brochures are for people unfamiliar with the area you’re promoting, you’ll need to include important details as well.

Consider including the following:

  • Brief summary
  • Location, including a map
  • Climate and expected weather conditions by month
  • Major cities
  • Popular spots
  • Historic landmarks
  • Recreation and outdoor activities
  • Popular and offbeat entertainment
  • Festivals
  • Transportation and fares
  • Museums, theaters, places to visit
  • Languages and local dialects
  • Unique food
  • Photos of the above
  • Trivia

For any questions on brochure printing services or comments feel free to add to the conversation in the comments section below.

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