17 Fun Greeting Card Images We Hope Won’t Make You Laugh Your Face Off
  by:  |  Nov 10, 2010

Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis -Jack Handey

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For almost as long as they have existed, greeting cards have been used to spread the gift of laughter, as well as the occasional colony of flesh-eating bacteria. Kidding aside, there are thousands of examples of humorous greeting cards out there. We say “humorous” because while we can see attempts at humor being made, not too many of them are actually funny.

No worries. Our crack team of bloggers has compiled 17 of the funniest greeting card pics 15 minutes of Googling can get. So sit back, relax, and lower your expectations. Here’s a mindbendingly awesome collection of-

17 Funny Greeting Cards

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Greeting Card Images - Birthday
All rights reserved by Venerate Card and Stationery Boutique

No. He’s not kidding.

Greeting Card Images - Hasslehoff
photo by kprogram

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this card. Nothing at all.

Greeting Card Images - Haircut
by  dusterbed

We like the moustache.

Greeting Card Images - Lazy
W. Heath Robinson-Contraption for the Lazy Father

That balloon clothesline actually makes sense, come to think of it.

Greeting Card Images - AIDS Awareness
All rights reserved by RetroOnTheDownLow


Greeting Card Images - Ebonics
All rights reserved by Melissa Rachel Black

Funnier as a tattoo, we’ll bet.

Greeting Card Images - Elephant
All rights reserved by hareanddrum

They’re just jealous cause they don’t have any…y’know. Pants.

Greeting Card Images - Ferris Wheel
All rights reserved by hareanddrum

Always works out.

Greeting Card Images - Crappy Day
All rights reserved by tgbusill

If you can think of a situation where it would be appropriate to send a card like this, well… Good show, sir.

Greeting Card Images - Cookies
All rights reserved by Disney Dan

The enemy biscuits that stayed behind spent the rest of the dream in an internment camp. They have yet to receive reparations.

Greeting Card Images - Gary Larson
All rights reserved by Gary Larson

Classic Gary Larson piece. Genius.

Greeting Card Images - Satan Claus
Unknown artist

Satan has a better record collection, or so we hear.

Greeting Card Images - You Do The Math
All rights reserved by Crafted By Lindy

We’re actually not sure how this card’s supposed to work. Birthday celebrants don’t usually send them out after all. But hey, a card’s a card.

Greeting Card Images - Snowman Ingredients
All rights reserved by paper pastries

For those who don’t get it: Snowman Ingredients. You’ve lost an opportunity to feel clever.

Greeting Card Images - Mother's Day
All rights reserved by RetroOnTheDownLow

Darn straight!

Greeting Card Images - Twin Aunts
by Joli Glantz

What kind of ant’s good with numbers? An account-ant. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Greeting Card Images - Flow ChartGreeting Card Images - Flow Chart
By HumanCentric

If you found this funny, chances are a lot of people don’t like you very much. Just kidding. We love nerds.

There you have it! We hope we were able to squeeze a chuckle or two out of you! The next time you print greeting cards, why not spread a little cheer? If you’ve got any comments or ideas, or want to learn more about our printing services, feel free to get in touch! By the way, this holiday season, is GIVING 20% OFF ON GREETING CARDS! How cool is that?