16 Riveting Vinyl Banner Design Ideas That WORK!
  by:  |  Feb 3, 2011

Few promotional methods work as well as banners in public places. Getting your word out is as simple as printing up a good vinyl banner design. All you need is to make something eye-catching with a good sense of composition and you’re good to go, right? Well, that’s often easier said than done. Sometimes, we need a little something to kick our imagination into gear.

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There are plenty of ways to make your prints stand out, and you don’t necessarily need to confine yourself to within the four corners of a banner. For instance, you could print two or more complementary banner designs instead of printing several copies of the same design. This would help keep things interesting and keep them from becoming monotonous. What other ways could you think of? Scroll down for:

16 Vinyl Banner Design Ideas To Jumpstart Your Designs!

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Vinyl Banner Design - Amsterdam

The use of contrasting colors and multiple banners makes for a fun, and eye-catching combination in this example.
Vinyl Banner Design - Godzilla

Banners are often used in pairs, as shown below, one banner for the image and the other one for the text. This prevents either of them from grabbing too much attention from the other, and also increases the amount of space you could work with. Make sure to use the right colors, though!
Vinyl Banner Design - Text and Image

Another take on the same idea as above.
Vinyl Banner Design - Hypothetical

If your banners uses text as the central element in its design, make sure to use the right fonts. Each font conveys a subtly different meaning and “weight. This article contains a few basic ideas everyone (not just designers) should know about fonts.
Vinyl Banner Design - Fonts

This banner interestingly enough, is for an event on the history of fonts, and communication. The classic lines, economical use of color and excellent use of space are all things banner designers should study.
Vinyl Banner Design - Clarity

If you need both text and image on your vinyl banner design, make sure to make things as short and sweet as possible, and to carefully consider color contrasts between your text and images. Leave the finer details to smaller prints, like leaflets or brochures. If it’s for a promotion and your message isn’t clear within a few seconds, better reconsider your design. People might only see your banner for a few moments before they move on.
Vinyl Banner Design - Balanced Banner Elements

This offbeat banner is for a pop art event, hence the collage-style pop art styling. Match your design to your product or event if possible. But as always, go with whatever you think will work.
Vinyl Banner Design - Pop Art

If your image or text uses a lot of different colors, it’s especially important for your background to be neutral or contrasting to keep your other design elements from looking like a muddled mess.
Vinyl Banner Design - Tiger

The following series of banners goes to show that using more than one design can have a greater impact than just one. People might actually look for all your banners, just to see if they missed anything!

That’s it for our round-up of inspiring vinyl banner design samples! Got any ideas yet? Feel free to leave us a comment!
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