16 Fascinating Banner Design Ideas From Japan
  by:  |  Nov 4, 2010

To say that the Japanese do things just a little bit differently from the rest of the world is an understatement. This extends even in to the field of flag and banner design. Banners are an integral part of Japanese culture, and have found various uses throughout the past few hundred years. The designs are quite different from their western counterparts and often feature clean, minimalist lines.

If you find that you’ve run out of banner design ideas, why not try a different perspective? These Japanese banners run the gamut from traditional to modern, and often feature several printed pieces as part of a bigger whole.

Awesome Banner Designs From Japan

Banner Design Ideas Waterfall

Waterfall! With the right context, you don’t even need to keep your banner off the floor.

Banner Design Ideas Girl

Japanese art is very well known for its effective use of negative space.

Banner Design Ideas Roll

Please, don’t mistake these for something else. Thanks.

Banner Design Ideas Pastel

Proof that there is no need to color within the lines.

Banner Design Ideas Side By Side

Multiple banners can be used to create a bigger picture. Again, context is everything.

Banner Design Ideas lighting

The space behind banners can create interesting possibilities when used on the right surfaces and with the right lighting.

Banner Design Ideas Roadside

Colorful banners advertising fruit by the roadside.

Banner Design ideas Restaurant

Banners can double as curtains, providing some privacy.

Banner Design Ideas Procession

Festivals wouldn’t be quite as festive without banners, don’t you think?

Banner Design Ideas Simple

Japanese tend to favor using just a few colors and bold shapes.

Banner Design Ideas Pattern

Clean patterns are also typical of traditional Japanese banner art.

Banner Design Ideas Color

Some modern commercial banners.  Each one is unremarkable individually but together they create an interesting effect.

Banner Design Ideas Stand Banner

A large format banner outside a convention area.

Banner Design Ideas Anti-War

Some rights reserved by enfu

Anti-war piece commemorating the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  You might recognize the little cherub as a Kewpie Doll,  a cultural icon the artist believes is an amalgamation of Eastern and Western ideas.

Danner Design Ideas Usagi

Photo by Donna Watson

Banner outside a restaurant in Kyoto. Circles symbolize harmony and are a common motif in Japanese art.

Hope you enjoyed these samples! Got any comments on the post or ideas on your next project? Feel free to drop us a line! While most of these samples are printed on cloth or paper, your Eastern-influenced designs will also look great on weather-resistant vinyl. UPrinting makes banner printing on vinyl painless and affordable with its famous Free File Review service. Remember to keep those ideas coming!

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