15 Food Label Design Samples to Satisfy Your Creative Hunger
  by:  |  Oct 26, 2010

Last updated on September 6th, 2017 at 08:08 pm

A messy-looking dish will always be left untouched and the same goes for a poorly-designed food label. Consumers eat with their eyes first, rely heavily in first impressions, and associate creative packaging with delicious and quality products.

Good product presentation does not only translate into sales; it also provides interesting design ideas for both designers and business owners. Below are food label design samples that prove edible products are not only meant to be consumed, but should also be visually-appealing to the market.

Food Label Design Projects to Delight Your Senses


These food labels are as sweet as the products inside. The designer’s choice of colors really made these yummy treats so addicting to look at.

Food Label Design - Carluccios
Designer: Irving & Co

The Fine Cheese Co.

With their pretty colors and bold typography, these kitchen essentials can definitely beautify any cupboard.

Food Label Design - The Fine Cheese Co
Designer: Irving & Co

Spiral Condiments

Sophisticated, classy, and artistic, these Asian-inspired food label designs added more spice to the condiments they were designed for.

Food Label Design - Spiral Condiments
Designer: Frank Aloi

Rochdale Cider

The antique paper texture, fruit stamp-like apple logo, and boxing poster-inspired font gave a fun and retro feel to these cider bottles.

Food Label Design - Rochdale Cider
Designer: Supply

Fruta del Diablo

Moxie Sozo incorporated branding and Mexican culture to come up with an interesting food label for salsa. The hand-drawn illustrations were inspired by woodcuts of artist, Jose Guadalupe Posada of Mexico.

Food Label Design - Fruta del Diablo
Designer: Moxie Sozo

Yellow Jacket

The fun and youthful spirits of the student designers translated into a cool package design for Yellow Jacket.

Food Label Design - Yellow Jacket
Designer: Kendrick Kidd

Peter Popple’s Popcorn

Designed with Moms in mind as a healthy snack treat for children, these eye-catching popcorn label designs are sure to appeal to both mothers and their kids.

Food Label Design - Peter Popples Popcorn
Designer: Family and Friends

Chocolat Factory

Chocolate is sexy and so is this bold and beautiful label design for Chocolat Factory. Its clean and minimalistic layout will absolutely heighten up your chocolate and graphic design addiction.

Food Label Design - Chocolat Factory
Designer: Ruiz Company

Willie’s Supreme Cacao

One word: remarkable.

Food Label Design - Willies Supreme Cacao
Designer: Taxi Studio

Renée Voltaire

These chic labels prove that organic food doesn’t have to be packed in a generic and boring package.

Food Label Design - Renée Voltaire
Designer: Silver

Meaty Packaging

Not your ordinary meat package design— the designer retained the traditional brown wrapper and added light blue sticker labels that are easy on the eyes.

Food Label Design - Meaty Packaging
Designer: Chris Chapman

Justin’s Nut Butter

The simplicity of the food label design perfectly matches this all-time favorite comfort food.

Food Label Design - Justins Nut Peanut Butter
Designer: TDA Advertising & Design

Soso Factory

Who would’ve thought these are label designs for salt? The initials used were inspired by the periodic table of elements — a very brilliant idea.

Food Label Design - Soso Factory
Designer: Eduardo del Fraile

Fresh & Easy Simmer Sauce

Using photography in product label design is always a good concept.

Food Label Design - Simmer Sauce
Designer: P&W

Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup

The choice of type resulted into a sophisticated and vintage label design to go with Sir Kensington’s brand identity. I imagine this jar beautifully displayed in a country-style kitchen; very relaxing to look at.

Food Label Design - Gourmet Scooping Ketchup
Designer: Alvin Diec

I hope these food label design examples provided you with delicious and creative inspiration for your future projects. If you need to print labels fast and hassle-free, get them professionally done by the experts at!