15 Custom Event Tickets to Feast Your Eyes On
  by:  |  Nov 1, 2010

People keep tickets for different reasons. It could be because they remind them of their favorite band’s farewell concert, the time when their school’s basketball team won the championships, or simply because they had an awesome experience during the event.

As a designer, the challenge is for you to design creative and appealing tickets that will lure people to hold on to them. Come up with a concept that will heighten their excitement towards the event and also give them reasons to feast their eyes on your work.

Take a look at these custom event tickets and learn how you can make your designs so awesome people won’t think of throwing them in the trash!

Creative Examples of Custom Event Tickets

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MIACC Film Festival

The designer came up with three versions of the MIACC Film Festival’s tickets. It’s hard to choose which version is the best because all three of them are are just so sexy, lovely, and striking (in my opinion).

Custom Event Tickets - MIAAC Film Festival

Ancora Music Festival

I love how the text and logo were neatly placed on this custom ticket design. The efficient use of white space made the ticket simple yet very effective.

Custom Event Tickets - Ancora Music Festival

MIACC Film Festival

Smart use of typography can transform an event ticket into one hot show stopper.

Custom Event Tickets - Molier A

Amores Perros

This ticket design was made of sugar n’ spice. The grunge texture, heart image, and lovely font balanced the roughness and sweetness of this movie ticket.

Custom Event Tickets - Amores Perros

Theater Rampe

The geometric shape complements the type used in this custom ticket. Designer Isabel Seiffert describes the material as classical but modern. I couldn’t agree more.

Custom Event Tickets - Theater Rampe

Gastroblues Fesztival

The color combination used in this ticket reminds me of my old water color palette back in the day. Colors made it look playful while texture added a vintage touch to the ticket design.

Custom Event Tickets - Gastroblues Fesztival

NTU Graduate Fashion Week

This stylish event ticket goes really well with the fashion show it was designed for.

Custom Event Tickets - NTU Invites

Design Lecture Ticket

A ticket as creative and beautiful as this one is the type that you would keep in your wallet even if the event has already ended.

Custom Event Tickets - Design Lecture Ticket

Other World

The bold black font looks good on the rich blue background. To take a break from the solid black and blue combo, the designer added a strip of bright yellow on the side.

Custom Event Tickets - Other World


The designer complemented this gray-scale ticket design with a fun and fresh font style and splashes of pink and blue. I would be more than happy to see this design printed on a t-shirt.

Custom Event Tickets - Resurrection

Black and White Party

Although this event ticket was apparently designed for a Black and White Party, the designer didn’t mind using a pink font to break the rule. The bright color added an element of surprise on the design.

Custom Event Tickets - Black and White Party

Reunion Tickets

These tickets were designed for a high school reunion, but only the one on the front left was chosen. It doesn’t look like the typical reunion ticket that’s boring and outdated. The designer played with different font sizes which I think is a good way of communicating messages.

Custom Event Tickets - Reunion Tickets

Type Factory

This custom ticket was designed for a fictional typographic museum and gallery called the “Type Factory”. It’s a conceptual design that resembles a clocking in and out card to reflect the factory theme.

Custom Event Tickets - Type Factory


Although this ticket was designed for a conference about biofuels, the designer found a way to create an interesting piece for a not so casual event.

Custom Event Tickets - Chemishift

World Fusion Music Festival

Colorful images and text stood out from the white background. The colors sort of imply that World Fusion Music Festival is an entertaining and fun-filled event to participate in.

Custom Event Tickets - Ticket

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