10 Traffic Boosting Social Bookmarking Sites Part 2
  by:  |  Jul 28, 2008

Last updated on December 20th, 2019 at 12:53 pm

Today we continue with part two of our series “10 Traffic boosting social bookmarking sites”/ If you have not read part one you should check it out now and take note of the first 5 social bookmarking sites we have mentioned. Today we will go over 5 more extremely important and useful social bookmarking sites that can benefit your business!

Top Social Bookmarking Sites 1-5


delicious.jpg is another top 5k website that allows users to bookmark items and then organize those bookmarks via categories. All bookmarks are tagged for better organization and since everything is tagged you can find cool new stuff on the web through their website.

7. Kaboodle

Kaboodle is a top 500 site that specializes in sharing information about shopping, products and store. It’s the shoppers dream come true site and it could be especially useful for any business looking to promote their products.

8. Slashdot


Slash dot is the premier social bookmarking site for “geeks and nerds”, featuring topics such as Apple, Games, hardware, Science, Politics, Linux and more. If your business revolves around any topic such as this then Slashdot is the social bookmarking site for you!

9. Newsvine


Newsvine is a hot social bookmarking news site that allows you to register to add a news story, comment or write a column. Their Open source, community news service even allows members customize the news viewed.

10. Blinklist


Blinklist puts an end to forgetting websites you wanted to return too by allowing you to blink the websites so you can return later. You can also make public or private lists of sites which people can view, or you can search other peoples blink lists for new and interesting content.

A Final Note

After reading about all these social bookmarking sites you should have a good idea about which ones will best fit your business. Start registering, modifying your profile and networking on these sites and you will be a few steps closer to traffic gold!

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