10 Traffic Boosting Social Bookmarking Sites Part 1
  by:  |  Jul 23, 2008

Social bookmarking sites are user submitted news sites where visitors bookmark and post their favorite web content, which is then rated and reviewed by the site’s online community. The more popular the post, the more traffic you will get.

Producing quality content on a regular basis and then promoting the content on these sites is a sure fire way to bring in large influxes of traffic to your website or blog!

Top Social Bookmarking Sites 1-5

1. Digg

digg.png is the biggest social bookmarking site around where uses submit news articles into different categories, which are then dugg or buried depending on how well the readers like the submission.

If you are lucky enough to get enough votes and favorites to make it to the home page you can expect an incredible amount of traffic to your website, usually 75k+ visitors or more. That’s if your server is strong enough to withstand the extreme amount of users viewing your article at the same time! So be sure your server is optimized for digg and other social bookmarking sites.

2. Propeller


Propeller is another massive site boasting over 6.3 million monthly visits, of which 3.7 million are from the United States. Propeller works similar to in which users will vote up or sink posts they like or dislike.

3. StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon is an incredibly popular browser add-on that lets users stumble upon sites of interests that they select. People submit pages, images or videos to stumble upon, at which point users can then thumbs up, thumbs down or review those items. The more thumbs ups and reviews you get from legitimate users, the better your chances of getting a large influx of traffic will be!

4. Technorati


Technorait is the biggest blog authority on the web where users can register, create a profile and claim their blog. Users can also search for news and blogs on Technorati. Technorati ranks blogs based on authority.

Technorati Authority is the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number of blogs linking to your site, the more Technorati Authority the blog has.

5. Reddit


Another heavy hitter in the social bookmarking game is Reddit. You simply register and then submit posts or images. Funny images or relevant world news stories seem to do especially well on

Have you had success with any of these sites? If so let us know and stay tuned for part two!