10 Places for Free WordPress Themes
  by:  |  Oct 2, 2008

Last updated on January 12th, 2021 at 06:05 pm

In a post earlier this week we listed 10 great places to find Premium WordPress Themes. If you have the budget, premium WordPress themes tend to be superior in quality when compared to Free WordPress Themes, but there are still plenty of gems in the free WordPress themes market.

Free WP Themes are just as easy to install and there are many more free themes available than premium themes. You can customize most of these themes very easily to match your branding, so if you are interested in increasing the traffic to your website thanstart blogging! Find your perfect theme today.

Free WordPress Themes

1. Free WP Themes


2. Top WP Themes


3. Rock Kitty Themes


4. Theme Lab


5. Skinpress

6. WordPress Themes

7. Template Browser Themes


8. Fresheezy


9. WP Templates

10. Theme Score