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Custom Jewelry Hang Tag Marketing

Custom Jewelry Hang Tag Design and Marketing Tips


Aside from paper bags or plastic wraps to put in your jewelry as packaging, you can try out custom hang tags for a more Learn how to maximize this limited space to promote your brand and attract customers with some of these quick tips:

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jewelry hang



Die Cut Shapes. Go out of the box and try different size and shapes for your hang tags. You can have them printed in die cut shapes to make them more eye-catching. You can also cut them in shapes that match your logo or own of your product accessories.

Matching String. Small pieces of stuff like jewelry sure are too cute to handle so you may want to add a matching string along with hang tags to make it easier for your customers to carry them. Choose a string that is both durable and complement the design of your hang tag and the jewelry you are selling.

Hole drill. You can also customize hole drills for your hang tags. You may choose where to place the hole as well as its size. Be sure to choose the right size of the hole to match the string that you will be using. Put a hole near the edge of your tags so you can put the string easily.


Jewelry Hang Tag



Information. You can maximize the space for your hang tags if you can also put information about your product or brand on it. Be sure to put only those of relevance to your customers. They can keep those tags for future reference when they plan to go back for more purchases so you'd better make them useful.

Instructions. Instructions for proper use and care for jewelry are also important to include in your hang tags. Be sure to include it strategically in your design for an appealing look.

Discount Tags. Make your jewelry more eye-catching by using custom hang tags as discount tags. Place them along with your jewelry hang tags and you sure can get more sales!


jewelry hang tag


So there you have it, you can make your accessories more attractive with custom hang tags. These are prefect to put on your earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches for sale. Create great designs to make them more attractive and boost your sales! You can contact UPrinting for more questions and suggestions for your hang tags at 1.888.888.4211!