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Make Your Own Magnets

Cool Ideas In Promoting With Custom Magnets

If you're looking for an alternative giveaway that can help promote your business, why not make your own magnets? As custom magnet printing technologies are developed, businesses and individuals are now presented with more options to improve their promotion, networking and marketing campaigns. All you need to do is to identify your objectives, create a design that aims to satisfy that objective and have it produced by a trusted online printing company. Below are some suggestions you could choose from to make magnets just as useful as other promotional tools:

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely as design examples. Please use the links at the bottom of the images to see their original sources.

Magnetic Promotional

Photo frames

Try making magnetic photo frames. Businesses can include their company name, logo, website and contact numbers in the borders while customers can put their photos in the middle. Customers are always willing to display something as functional as this on the fridge.


Prepare a small magnetic map of your village. Include important places like churches, public parks and main streets. Mark out your store's location for easy-reference. This way, you can expect more customers to visit you in the coming days. Having maps strategically placed all around the metro would help boost sales.


Wall calendars have magnetic counterparts that can be as big as a bulletin board or as small as decorative refrigerator magnet. What’s more, your customers can easily post, reposition or change these calendars without leaving scratches on their metal doors or file cabinets.

Phone directories

A person would use phone directories to keep important phone numbers. However, there are times when they would misplace them. Searching for these records will take time. That's why your customers would love to have magnetic phone directories which they could easily post for easy reference.

Business cards

Business cards are also gaining popularity in different industries including real estate, dental and plumbing. They are very effective means to introducing a company to prospective clients. The downside is, people lose them because they're small. Make sure your customers don’t; offer them magnetic business cards instead!


Give more reasons for customers to keep your ads. Print interesting characters or inspirational quotes relevant to your business. Remember to balance these enticing designs with your business details and offerings.

UPrinting lets you expand business possibilities by providing only quality card and car magnet products for your brand. Give us a call today or launch Live Chat for other inquiries about our services and we'd be more than happy to help you create the best products for your business.