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Design Your Own Magnets

Tips on How to Design Your Own Custom Magnets

Magnets are becoming popular promotional tools for small- and mid-sized businesses. Magnets are simple and cost-efficient visual tools used to promote a business name or product. Consumers typically go for these kinds of giveaways because magnets are useful — they can be used as decorations on fridge doors, mailboxes or metal cabinets. They can also be used to hold important notes and shopping lists. Because of their versatility, magnets are products you just won’t dispose after a day or two. That’s how they pay for themselves as advertising tools; their usability gives your product constant exposure for as long as your magnets stay up.

The design for your magnets can have a direct impact on the success of your marketing strategy. The idea is to sell your product through your design. Create an eye-catching design that can introduce your product to the general public.

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Magnet Sample

There are vast possibilities when it comes to designing magnets. However, there are things to consider and remember.

Know Your Market. This is an important step in planning a marketing strategy. Your magnet designs need to appeal to the right people. It is a basic principle that’s usually overlooked by business owners because they make designs based on their preferences. This shouldn’t be the case. Think of who your products cater to; have a specific target market in mind. Would the colors used in the design attract them? Is it a design worthy of a space on the fridge door?

Be Creative. After researching on what your audience may like, make a creative design; be as unique as possible. Don’t just throw colors on your design. Try adding a unique element. You can play with curves and lines. A slight change in the design can have a huge effect on your customers and how they see your product. However, remember to highlight your brand name or product. Put it on the center of the layout or make it the biggest part of your design.

Make Your Design Print-Ready. It would help to be familiar with common printing terms such as bleed and trim. This would really help especially if you’re planning on producing more print materials in the near future. Should you find some of the terms confusing, you can ask assistance from the printing company you’re working with.

Look for an online printing company to help you produce your business magnets. UPrinting offers car magnet and business card magnet printing. You can choose among our standard sizes or order magnets with custom sizes. Our stocks have a glossy finish that can make your design more vibrant. Use our Easy Design Tool to make your layout from scratch! For more information on custom magnet printing, call us at 1-888-888-4211 now!