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Menu Designs

Menu Designs that Inspire Your Diners to Order


Your overall menu design can make a big impact to your clients. Your food selection brings the content of your menu but it is the design that sets the mood of your customers to look closely at your selection. Anyone can read an all-text menu printed on plain paper. However, as a restaurant owner, you need to entice your diners into the ambience of your restaurant. You should welcome them by giving them a striking menu.

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Designing your menu is exciting but it needs careful planning to make it effective. All the elements should perfectly go together. Colors should match or complement that of you restaurant theme. If you want to put photos, don’t use dull clipart that are readily available in your design software because this can leave negative impression of a menu.

Your text style and size should be large and clear enough to be read – otherwise, it would defeat its purpose. In the same way, designs must not overpower your text to keep the menu clear and attractive.

Menu designs also depend on the kind of restaurant you run. If you have a specific cuisine offered, your menu designs – colors, fonts and other designs - must noticeably reflect its culture. If you have a Chinese restaurant, your menu should contain red designs as it connotes a festive atmosphere to your clients. These are just some general tips to get you started. Here are more menu designs to inspire you:



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