Product Hang Tags

30 Creative Samples of Product Hang Tags

Owning a business involves having your own set of marketing tools to attract the people. You need to constantly use materials that are, not only creative, but are capable of providing good information to customers. If you are looking for something that can do these tasks, you might want to consider product hang tags.

Product hang tags act like labels tied by decorative strings on items for sale. These are usually found on clothes, beauty products and accessories. Not only do hang tags help identify your products; they also help people identify your brand as well.

Since hang tag designs need to be creative, you must work on the layout and design. You can have them printed in rectangular or die-cut shapes. To help you come up with great product hang tag designs, here are 30 artistic samples:

Rectangular Hang Tags

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By Paula Luciana RusconiSource:


By Martín GutiérrezSource:


By hannah limSource:


By Kristin HinkleySource:


By Hank LyleSource:


By Red AntlerSource:


By Janna DoleSource:


By Stephen BeebeSource:

Die-Cut Hang Tags


By Lauren GarsideSource:


By jonthanderSource:


By Didik W BudiantoroSource:



By Julie BayerSource:


By Scott RuizSource:

With these samples, your hang tag project should be easier and more fun. Just remember to work with the right printing company. The effectiveness of your hang tags would depend on who prints your hang tags and the materials they use. Work with a company that can make hang tag printing a fun and easy experience for you.

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