Hang Tags


Unique Labeling With Custom Hang Tags

Your products are ready. Your store is ready. So what will make your brand complete? Promote them using cool hang tags!

Hang tags serve as your promotional materials. They are often attached to your product packaging. Their main goal is to attract and inform consumers.

Hang tags are a representation of your company and your products. They reflect your brand identity. So select and create your designs wisely. Hang tags are applicable for most products. They are often used for apparel and clothing items, specialty jars, bottled food products, toys and more.

Our Hang Tag Printing come in 2 types - rectangular-shaped and die-cut shaped. Our rectangular hang tags come in both standard and custom sizes, while our die-cut hang tags come in preset sizes and shapes. The finished prints come with optional holes punched or an eyelet. This is where you attached your strings or cords so you can ""hang"" them to your products. We offer a variety of premium card stock and printed side choices for both formats.

We can print up to 50,000 rectangular hang tags in one job order, while we can go up to 10,000 for die-cut orders.

Standard turnaround time for hang tag printing is 6 business days.

For any questions about our printing options and specs feel free to call us at 1-888-888-4211.