Hang Tags


Unique Labeling With Custom Hang Tags

What completes a great clothing line or apparel label? A cool hang tag! 
Your hang tag is your brand's identity. Not just for T-shirts, you may also use hang tags on specialty jars and bottles, boxes, and just about any product you have.  Let us take care of all your hang tag printing needs. Just upload your design and we'll proof it for free so you can be sure that it'll come out just as you want it to.

The finished print already comes with a hole punch, or an eyelet if you will--you choose where to place it. We have templates for download with a variety of dimension and file types so all you need to do is be creative. Incorporate your logo, add a cool design, use lots of colors, or be a minimalist and keep it simple, it's all up to you.


Which kind of hang tag do you need? Here's a rundown of these two kinds' differences: our rectangular hang tags come in both standard and custom sizes, while our die-cut hang tags come in preset sizes and shapes. You can have the hole drilled on your rectangular hang tags' top left, top center and top right locations, while on die-cut ones you can also have them on their left or right. We can print up to 50,000 rectangular hang tags in one job order, while we can go up to 10,000 for die-cut orders.

If you’re worried about your design, we have a free file proof service to make sure that your design is ready for printing and free from any issues that can ruin your hang tag prints.

You have the same four card stock and printed side choices for both hang tag kinds. Use our Instant Price Calculator for both choices to get the best deal for your money!


Both rectangular and die-cut hang tags have a standard turnaround time of 6 business days, with the option to go rush on a 4 business day schedule; this doesn't include shipping times. We recommend that you order in advance to avoid extra payment for rush prints!