Discount Printing Services

Guide for Affordable Printing

When printing your promotional materials, you want to get the best quality as cheap as possible. That is why you take advantage of discount promos and programs. But did you know that promos and discount programs aren’t the only ways you can get discounted printing? You can also take advantage of certain standard services a printing company offers so you can save more on printing costs. Here are some to name a few:

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Discount Printing Services

Free Proofing Service
Instead of getting a third party expert to proof your artwork, ask if your online printing company offers proofing services. Some printing companies, like, render proofing services absolutely free of charge. This service will make sure your artwork is press-ready and you don’t get defective printouts.

Wholesale Printing Service
Always check if your printing company does offset wholesale printing. It is common knowledge that printing bulk will save you more money and effort at the same time. This service reduces the unit price significantly – meaning, the more you print, the more you save.

Online Design Tool
If you don’t have design software at home or office, or if you think you’re not much of an artist, think again. Instead of hiring a separate graphic artist, take advantage of online design tools that are available on certain online printing company websites. These design tools are easy to use; anybody can be a pro!

These are just few of the services you can take advantage of to save money on printing cost. In combination with discount printing programs or promotions, you’ll be able to save more. Nowadays, every penny you can save counts – so be wise. Print with a printing company that continuously looks for ways to make printing more affordable for you without sacrificing quality.