Magnet Printing


Custom Magnet Printing on Durable High Gloss Magnetic Stock

Magnet printing can be used both for promotional and personal purposes. Car door magnets can easily turn your vehicles into moving billboards. You can just quickly switch and swap your signs without having to worry about new paint jobs! Card magnets, on the other hand, are ideal promotional tools - almost everyone has to open the fridge every day, so you can bet that people will remember you and your company’s services.


Printing Magnets

Choosing which kind of magnet you want to get simply depends on what you want to use them for. There are different sizes and thickness of magnets. Car door magnets start at a minimum size of 8 x 8" and can go up to 23 x 45" while card magnets' sizes go from 2 x 3.5" up to 8.5 x 11". Our car door magnets are also around twice as thick as our card magnets, making them the ideal for vehicles or even just as outdoor signs you need to place on metallic surfaces. Our card magnets, on the other hand, are ideal for indoor use to place on fridge doors, memo boards and the like, as well as handy enough to contain your info and act as calling cards or calendars.


The turnaround time for car door magnets is 1 business day if you're just ordering 1-5 prints, but becomes 2 business days if you order them in quantities of 6 upwards. Card magnets, on the other hand, have a standard turnaround time of 6 business days excluding shipping times, but you can have them faster on a rush schedule of 4 business days if you're willing to pay extra. Plan and order in advance to save on rush fees!