Eco-Friendly Hang Tags

Using Eco-friendly Materials for Your Hang Tags

Since the government is trying its best to protect and preserve our environment, companies have followed suit. Today, there are corporations that have launched their own recycling programs to not only cut down on using natural resources, but also inform their consumers about the importance of reducing their carbon footprint.


As owners of small businesses, you can preserve our environment by using recycled materials in your production. From here, you can use different advertising tools to market your product's use of eco-friendly materials.

In advertising your eco-friendly products, you can use hang tags made from recycled materials. These provide ample space for your company's slogan and advocacy. You can also use the hang tags in awareness campaign by placing simple facts about how recycling can produce high-quality goods using less resources.

If you're planning to order hang tags from a printing company, look for the SoySeal, SFI, and PEFC logos in their products or website. These logos certifies that the printing company uses recycled paper and soy-based ink.

To help you understand more about soy-based ink and recycled papers, here's a rundown of what they are made of and how they help preserve our environment:

Soy-based Ink Vinegar or soy inks are a form of non-food soy that is a healthier, safer and friendlier alternative to regular or petroleum-based ink. These type of ink is produced using 0.5% of the total energy required to create regular ink. Soy inks also have a very low level of VOC (volatile organic compounds) that helps reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions.

Recycled Paper Using recycled papers for your products let you save more energy and produce a lesser amount of air pollution. Though recycled papers are made using chemicals and bleaches, these are still significantly lower than creating paper from wood fiber.

Once you've decided to use eco-friendly hang tags for your business, search for printing companies that offer full-color professional hang tags. Since there are hundreds of companies that print hang tags, narrow down your choices by searching for online reviews. These should help you determine which of these companies offer the best materials and services for their hang tags according to people. The faster you do these, the quicker you will be able to order your hang tags and reduce your production costs.