Online Flyer Printing

An Infographic on Printing Flyers Online

Online Flyer Printing

Producing your flyers online is very easy; it will not give you any hassle. Follow these 6 simple steps for a flawless online printing process.

1. Choose from three types of flyers. There are three types of flyers offered here at business, die-cut, and nightclub flyers. Depending on your purpose, evaluate which type is most appropriate to use. You also need to consider your material specifications.

2. Set the printing specs. The sizes, paper stocks, printed sides, shapes and printing turnaround times are the specs of flyers you need to consider. The price of you production varies depending on these specifications and quantities.

3. Decide on the quantity of prints. Here at, we can print 50 to 100,000 pieces. You can decide on the number of your materials based on your purpose. Small quantities from 50-250 pieces are printed faster using digital and laser printers. The process is suitable for rush projects. 500 copies and above are done by offset process. This is ideal for producing commercial quantities of flyers.

4. Submit your design. Once done making your own flyer design and setting your specs, send to us your file by uploading them in our website. You can also send it to us via mail.

5. Get a free proof. Our prepress experts offer proofing with no upfront payment. This is to make sure that your design is free of errors. We will also add safe margin and bleed setup to your file to make it ready for printing. Request for a digital proof. Digital proofs are sent via mail.

6. Approve the proof and proceed to printing. We will send you a finalized proof for approval. After you look through it, we can proceed to printing your flyers. You may call our hotline at 888-888-4211 for more details.

Online flyer printing is a time efficient and budget-friendly alternative to producing your prints. The process is fast and hassle-free. Our customer representatives are also available anytime for assistance and other inquires to give you a convenient printing experience online.