Restaurant Menu Printing

Components of Restaurant Menu Printing



Restaurant menus can be so much more than just a list of food and beverage items. They can be a great way to reinforce your brand’s identity and reach out to your customers. To better help you with your restaurant menu creation, here's a list of basic components you need for your menu.

  • Menu Cover - This is the difference between those just o.k. menus compared to those that stand out. A menu cover is as important as the body of your menu because the restaurant logo/name is present here. The restaurant address and contact numbers (if any) will also be here.
  • Restaurant Logo/Name - What would an establishment be without a name? This is important because this will differentiate you from the rest of the competition.
  • Restaurant Address(es) and Contact Number(s) - This tells your customers where to find you and how they can contact you. You can even put your social media address for online presence.
  • List of dishes with prices divided into sections - You may have the following in your menu: Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, Main Course, Desserts and Beverages. The sections are not important as long as you segment your dishes into categories to help customers with their selection. offers incredible value for money with its restaurant menu printing services. With free file proofing, free technical support, free stock samples, and with decades of printing experience, UPrinting also offers some of the most reasonable prices and fastest printing turnaround times anywhere!