Commercial Flyer Printing

How to Design a Commercial Flyer


Flyers are one of the many marketing tools that you can use for your business' promotion. Flyers act as informational tools that allow your target market to know more about the nature of your business and the product or service that you offer.



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A flyer can be given away in public places such train stations, malls or even on the sidewalk. These places are packed with moving people. Once a person receives a flyer, it moves along with him. This can help your ads go further than expected.


Just like other advertising tools, a flyer relies on its visual appeal. A flyer's design should reflect the industry your product belongs in. Being able to provide an accurate image of your business through a flyer can help boost your company's identity and branding.


To help you have an idea on how to design your commercial flyers, here are five tips for you to come up with the best flyer design for your marketing campaign:


Describe your business
Provide a short description of the business or service that you offer. Keep it short. It may help if you used no more than two sentences. Having a short description can provide easy information to your customer. It makes the flyer easy to read in a short period of time yet engaging enough to grab your customer's attention and make him curious about your service or product.


Use pictures of your product or service
Always use the actual picture of your product. This will make your flyer less generic and more credible than what most people see online or on other flyers. You may hire a professional to take photos of your product or you can just do it yourself.


Utilize templates for designing
Templates are helpful guides in designing. It gives you a better idea on what your flyer will look like while still in the design process. If you're designing your own flyer, you can always look through design inspirations online and see how the flyers made use of different elements in their design.


Practice consistency
Make sure that your flyer's graphic design and information complement one another. If you've designed other printed materials for your business before, make sure that you incorporate your company's identity consistently, like the details of your logo, the font of your company name and so on. This will help in branding and creating identity throughout your target market.


Print your flyers
Having a printing company handle the printing on your behalf can save you both time and effort. Though you can print them on your own, printing companies can offer better printing quality and you can save a lot if you order your commercial flyer in bulk.


Once you're done with your designs give UPrinting a call and we'll handle your business flyer printing for you. We provide high-quality services at affordable prices. You may call us at 1-888-888-4211 for more information.