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Step Up the Style of Your Product Packaging With Our Custom Packaging Stickers


Having dull and boring product packaging doesn't help your brand in any way. If your packaging blends in with the competition and doesn’t stand out, your customers may simply ignore your product. Don’t worry, you can still boost your brand visibility with the help of our custom packaging stickers.

custom packaging stickers
Product packaging stickers are cost-effective tools for branding that can be used across a wide variety of applications. Customize them to feature your logo, product name, brand story, and more. Use them as product stickers that you can directly apply to your products or to personalize letters or invitations by sealing them with custom envelope stickers. You can also elevate the look of your boxes by embellishing them with custom stickers.

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Customize Your Packaging Stickers and Place Your Order in One Go

UPrinting makes it easy for you to customize and order packaging stickers. Using our website’s price calculator, you can configure the specifications of your stickers and know right away how much they will cost and how long it will take to print them. To help you navigate our price calculator, here’s a quick rundown of the different printing options for your packaging stickers that you can choose from: 


Cut-to-Size or Roll 


It all boils down to volume when choosing between individually cut stickers or roll stickers. If you want to put stickers on a large stock of items, roll stickers make a better choice since you can print a minimum of 100 pieces. These are also made to fit standard-sized sticker dispensers for efficient and rapid application. Cut-to-size stickers, on the other hand, are stacked in sheets and designed to be handed out or applied by hand for smaller batches of items. 


Shapes and Sizes 


We offer several die-cut shapes for our cut-to-size and roll packaging stickers such as square, rectangle, oval, circle, and more. If these shapes do not suit your needs, you can always opt for a custom shape for your stickers. Standard sizes are also available and can be customized based on the following ranges: 2” x 2” to 12” x 17.5” (cut-to-size) and 0.50” x 0.50” to 6” x 12” (roll). 




Your cut-to-size packaging stickers may come in paper or vinyl. Paper is writable, UV-resistant, and made for indoor use. Vinyl is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use since it’s not only UV-resistant but waterproof as well. 

Roll stickers are available in paper, BOPP, and vinyl. Go with waterproof, chemical-resistant BOPP and vinyl if you are planning to use your packaging stickers for both indoor and outdoor use. If your stickers are strictly indoors, use our premium-quality paper. 


Other Features 


We also offer other convenient features for our packaging stickers such as bundling and rounded corners for our cut-to-size stickers as well as lamination and unwind direction for our roll stickers. Don’t forget to click on the question mark icons next to the attributes on our price calculator to get a brief explanation of each one of them. 


Free Design Proofing and Online Design Tool 


If you want to use your own design or artwork for your packaging stickers, just upload it on our website. Our team will review your design to ensure technical quality. If you request it, we can send you a free PDF proof within 6 hours. We will only start printing your stickers once you have approved the PDF proof online. 


You can also design your packaging stickers on our website using our online design tool, which is very user-friendly and responsive. With its help, you can easily place your logo, insert shapes, change the colors, and more on your sticker design. Once you’re done, save your design and return to it later or go straight to checkout to place your order.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Are your packaging stickers waterproof?


We offer both our cut-to-size and roll packaging stickers in materials such as BOPP and vinyl, which are waterproof, UV-resistant, and oil-resistant. Choose these materials if your stickers are going to be exposed to various weather elements or placed in a refrigerator. 


Can I reapply a packaging sticker if I make a mistake?


It depends on the type of adhesive of your sticker. If it has a removable adhesive, you won’t have problems removing it and reapplying it. If it has a permanent adhesive, however, that won’t be possible. Removing the sticker will ruin it and leave residue on the surface where it was applied.? 


How much does it cost to print sticker packaging?


There are several factors that can determine the price of your packaging stickers including material, shape, size, lamination, quantity as well as printing time. If you want to get a big discount, the best way is to order in bulk as it will lower the unit price of your stickers.? 


Are there any design templates that I can use for free?


Yes. We have a wide collection of sticker templates that you can download for free. All of our sticker templates are professionally designed and easy to follow. They are also set up with proper bleeds and margins for error-free printing. 


Can I get samples of my order?


Unfortunately, we don’t offer sample orders for our stickers. The minimum quantity that you can order for our cut-to-size packaging stickers is 25 pieces. For our roll stickers, the minimum is 100 pieces.