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Surf Stickers

Design Your Surfboards with Creative Stickers

Surfing is the coolest activity that you can do at the beach. The warm sands, clear blue skies and crashing waves on the shore can indeed make people relax. But nothing beats the adrenaline rush that you could get from riding giant waves with your surfboards. Surfing gives you this sense of belonging in a subculture that has its own language, personality, and style.

Style and personality plays a big part in surfing. Surfers usually use their surfboards as a statement of their individuality. Designing their surfing partners gives others a view on their identity.

Most surfers use stickers and decals to design their surfboards. These stickers are usually made from waterproof materials to withstand the surfer's sea activities. Sticker designs feature a lot of sea elements, bright colors with a tropical feel.

Business could also take advantage of this opportunity. You can give out stickers featuring logos of your surfing shops or information on upcoming surfing activities. You can also give out these stickers as freebies for participants of these events.

Looking for some surfboard sticker design ideas? Here are 30 creative surfboard sticker designs that could inspire you:


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We at UPrinting hope that the samples above gave you ideas on designing your surfboard. You are free to use our Easy Design Tool to visualize your sticker design. Once you are ready to print your surfboard stickers, call us and let us handle your printing needs. We provide free proofing, high quality printing and affordable prices. Call us at 1-888-888-4211 for more details.