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Poster Ideas

101 Poster Ideas for Inspiration

Posters are cost-effective promotional tools that are best placed on areas with high foot traffic. As an advertiser, marketer or event organizer, you can send your message across your target market by creating a full-color poster with a catchy message and an appealing design.

Coming up with a poster design can be overwhelming, especially if you are a business owner with a handful of tasks. There are a lot of different images, graphics and design software to choose from. It’s best to jot down all ideas first then narrow down the options that you think will work best with your intent. Below is a 101-image collection of clever advertising, event and movie poster designs that can help stir your creativity:


Disclaimer: The exact specifications for some of the products shown below may not be offered by Images are provided solely for the purpose of design inspiration. For details on what options and customization offers, please call 1-888-888-4211.

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Build your poster idea around a short but strong message and an image that best identifies with the whole promotional concept. The poster theme, colors and design elements should go together in achieving your goals, may it be branding, product launch or any other. After conceptualizing, it is best to find a printing company that can help you with your poster production. Whether you need to print your posters in bulk, in large format or mounted on a PVC board, keep in mind to ask for assistance for best results.