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Computer Stickers

  • Create a sticker in any custom shape
  • Printed on indoor- or outdoor-friendly materials
  • Comes in protective matte or gloss coating
Print Computer Stickers Now
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Create computer stickers to promote your brand.

Looking to promote your brand among loyal customers? Print custom die-cut stickers they can use to decorate their laptops. Design computer stickers that are in the shape of your logo and bear your brand colors.

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Give them away at an event or when customers purchase a specific amount. The promotional opportunities are endless as your company is granted exposure wherever the custom computer sticker is applied.

Choose from square, rectangle, circle, or oval die-cut stickers. Custom shapes are also available for specific designs. Add protective coatings in elegant matte or vibrant matte to complement your logo’s look. All die-cut stickers come in rolls for fast application or distribution.

Design Computer Stickers

Free Promotional Opportunities WIth Every Custom Computer Sticker

make bulk stickers

Customizable shapes and sizes

Choose from square, rectangle, circle or oval shapes. Custom shapes can also be created and printed based on a specific size.

make business stickers

Indoor and outdoor sticker materials

We offer indoor-friendly white premium stickers and silver, clear, white, and rainbow holographic BOPP for specific effects.

make cut-to-size or roll stickers

Durable adhesive that sticks on any surface

Our stickers readily adhere to and stay on any surface. They come with an easy-peel backing for convenience.

Computer Stickers FAQs

Q: Will the sticker material ruin the surface of my laptop?

A: No, the self-adhesive material readily sticks on your laptop’s exterior without damaging the surface.

Q: What is the advantage of using laptop stickers?

Laptop or computer stickers are a fast, affordable, and effective way to promote your brand. People love decorating their laptops so giving away stickers is a low-cost free and immediate advertising opportunity. Your brand will be visible while they use their laptops in coffee shops or offices .

Q: What is the advantage of printing die-cut custom stickers?

A: UPrinting's die-cut stickers are available in four shapes: rectangle, square, circle, and oval. You can also request a custom shape in your preferred size on the online pricing calculator. Die-cut stickers are recommended for laptop stickers or other promotional designs that need to be in a special shape or form.

Q: Can I design computer stickers online?

A: Yes, you can create a sticker design using our online design tool. Select Create Your Design Online in the online calculator to begin.

You can also download a template in the Templates tab. We offer templates in Adobe Illustrator, JPEG, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, and Publisher formats.

Q: How should I choose the material for my custom computer stickers?

A: Select your die-cut sticker material based on the effect you want and the protection it needs from external elements. The table below shows some of the features of the available computer sticker materials:


White Premium Paper

White BOPP Silver Metallic BOPP Clear BOPP Rainbow Holographic BOPP



Indoor Use


Outdoor Use


Oil and Chemical Resitant





White Vellim Testured Estate #8

White Laid Texture - Estate #4

Cream Laid Texture - Estate #9

Refrigeration YES YES YES
Coating Options Matte or writable uncoated option
Indoor Use YES YES YES
Waterproof Limited

The materials below are great if you’re looking for uncommon paper options for sticker roll printing.

Rainbow Holographic BOPP – Spice up your brand with the iridescent and patterned designs of custom holographic stickers. This material makes stickers look three-dimensional.

Removable White BOPP – Enjoy the durability of white BOPP without leftover residue. This plastic material is UV- and water-resistant, perfect for a wide variety of uses.