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Create Custom Labels and Stickers That Stand Out and Shine
  by:  |  Nov 20, 2019

Last updated on November 21st, 2019 at 11:18 pm

Looking for a low effort, affordable, and effective way to market your new products? Custom labels are a staple when it comes to promoting your latest line of items. Your everyday package can be spruced up with brand new labels that welcome the incoming holidays.

Customers end up seeing your item in a new light as they finish their Christmas shopping or look for new deals. Choose from cut-to-size, label, and sticker products. You can print in durable 70 lb. paper in matte or gloss for indoor displays. There’s also waterproof vinyl that comes in high gloss for that extra vibrant shine and in-depth color.

Customize your label according to your desired size, color, and material. Choose from two coatings that will highlight the shimmer or elegance of your label.

Make It With Matte Coated Custom Labels

Matte coated paper labels are perfect for custom branded business labels that can be printed or written on. These labels are often used for address labels, shipping labels, return address labels, corporate ID labels, and custom labels. Some of its advantages also include:

  • Best for indoor use, such as in-store or for your window display
  • Comes with a permanent, all-purpose adhesive back
  • Can be written on with a permanent ink marker or ballpoint pen

Most Common Uses:

  • Address Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Return Address Labels
  • Corporate ID labels
  • Custom Labels

High Gloss UV Coated Paper Labels

UV coated paper labels are a perfect, affordable and more eco-friendly alternative to vinyl stickers. These labels are often used for promotional stickers, band stickers, political stickers or totally custom stickers.

  • Comes with a mirror gloss finish
  • Also has a permanent all-purpose adhesive back that’s easy to peel
  • Writable with a permanent ink marker after sufficient drying time

Most Common Uses:

  • Promotional Stickers
  • Band or Political Stickers
  • Custom Stickers

Check out our custom labels for the variety of options available. See which best fits your needs and how you can create one for your campaign.