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Stickers and Labels Design Templates

Create eye-catching designs for retail products and promotional campaigns. Our sticker and label design templates make it easy to create artwork that matches your brand.

Professionally designed stickers and labels will help set your business apart from the competition. But creating your design is not always an easy task. With our free design templates, you can create your artwork within minutes—even without any design experience.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

If you have any questions, call or use our live chat.

  1. 1Download a template below
  2. 2Shop our custom printing products
  3. 3Upload your ready-to-print file or design online.

Stickers & Labels

Why Your Business Needs Stickers and Labels 

As early as the 1900s, marketers and business owners have been using stickers to promote their products and services. The present-day is no different—more than ever, people are using old-school advertising methods to promote their businesses.   


Wondering how these sticky print products help your business? Here’s how:  


Stickers and labels are effective, all-purpose marketing products. They are more cost-effective compared to traditional advertising media like television and newspaper, but still deliver effective results.

Easy to Create 

If you need a quick way to promote your business, stickers and labels are a great option. These offline marketing tools do not require complicated tools or expert design knowledge. You can cut down the time for creating artwork from scratch by downloading our free design templates. 

High Visibility 

The great thing about stickers is that you can place them anywhere—cars, laptops, walls, and more. With full-color printing, you can create vibrant designs that stand out anywhere or create an intriguing contrast with a black and white design.

Who Are the Templates For?

Templates are shortcuts to great design. Use them in creating a branded sticker or label artwork that you can proudly stick to your products or send to customers. All our templates are created for all business owners and marketers who: 

  • Want a quick way to send their message to their audience 
  • Save a lot of time and money on planning and designing artwork 
  • Need inspiration and guidance for creating their design


Download, Design, Print

Our sticker and label design templates are easy to use, so you can get your campaign started early. With color, shape, and size options to match any brand, these templates can be used for  

adding a finishing touch to packaging or promoting a campaign.  

How to use the templates: 

  1. Choose a template style. Rounded, rectangular, or square? All the stickers and labels templates are professionally crafted by our designers to save you time on planning your artwork. TheyEach template is set up with the proper bleeds and margins, so your design will print out accurately.  
  2. Download the template or design it online. Some templates are available to use with our online design tool, while others are available for PDF download only. Using our online design tool gives you access to over 90 million stock photos on the website. Change the text, upload photos, or play with the colors. The options are limitless. (Note: Using stock photos would require a minimal fee.) 
  3. Upload and print. Happy with your design? Upload your ready-to-print file or choose a saved file on your account, making sure that your specs are correct.


Designs That Customers Can’t Peel Their Eyes Off

Draw attention to your message with beautifully designed artwork. Our free design templates are an excellent springboard for branded designs.  

Customize your print by choosing the shape, size, and material that best works for your brand. Custom stickers and labels are available in two (2) formats: cut-to-size and rolls. 


What’s the difference?

Cut-to-size stickers and labels are individually cut, which makes them great as package inserts and name tags. They also work well as part of product packaging. Simply peel off the bend and peel backing and stick them to bottles or boxes. Roll stickers and labels are great for adding branding to many items. They come in a roll to make application fast and easy. You can also use a label gun to make the application more efficient.


You can also print your stickers and labels in any shape or size you want. These are also available in different materials that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

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