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Label and Sticker Printing: Design Do’s and Dont’s
  by:  |  Jul 22, 2009

You can design your labels any way you want at UPrinting. But though being able to customize them yourself is a great perk, printing labels for commercial use involves more than your creativity and printing budget. Some practical, and even legal, factors have to be taken in consideration first. Having said that, we’ve compiled some label do’s and dont’s to guide you in your next orders. Avoid mistakes and complications with these design tips.

Design Tips for Guaranteed Sticker Prints

Make sure you’re following labeling laws

This one is particularly important if you’re selling food products or beverages. Your products will need to have labels that follow FDA guidelines for food labeling and nutritional information. To learn about the guidelines for the industry and find out what your labels can and can’t include, you can visit the FDA Labeling & Nutrition site.

If you’re having label printing done for clothing, you’ll be held to the FTC guidelines for care labeling and U.S. Textile and Wool Acts regarding fabric and textiles labeling. Check their business information document to find out more about FTC textile labeling rules.

For a general overview of the U.S. laws governing all product labeling and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, check out the site’s page on Product Labeling.

Think about how your labels will be used

Will your product be refrigerated or frozen? Will it be exposed to the outdoor elements? If so, have you thought about the label type you’ll use and how it will hold up under these conditions? Here at UPrinting, we offer sticker printing on both 70 lb. matte labels and high gloss (UV) paper labels. If you have any questions or concerns about how our stickers hold up, give us a call at 1-888-888-4211 and we’d be happy to help.

Always use a four-color printing process

If you’re printing labels for your products, now’s not the time to opt for an amateur, digital print job that looks like it was done on a home color laser printer. Instead, always opt for four color stickers done on offset printing. Your colors will show up brighter, crisper and clearer on the special label paper stock.